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Monday, November 2, 2009

Strange But Potential Bedfellows?

"...some shady alliances amongst unlikely party mates."
Recently, Juana Change had posted a question on her FB wall which says, ''what would your reactions be if Jinggoy Estrada decided to run under Noynoy-Mar slate?'' As expected, a barrage of comments were submitted and I was one of those who participated. Most comments however were threatening and violent yet funny in a voter's point of view.

It is a relief though that the majority of voters now, are becoming more too concerned and affected with the slightest tickle. But could this really be possible? Hell no! The former president himself Joseph Estrada has already declared his candidacy and Noynoy is in no mood to destroy his own chances. With barely a month to go before the deadline of filing of candidacies, anything is a possibility.

In politics however, ''there is no permanent friend or enemy only permanent interest'', as the saying goes. This is what decides any political venture. It's not a big buzz when someone from a certain political party jumps to another fence. This has been a culture. They are not thinking about you people; they think about themselves or their survival so to speak. Even Darwin's theory of ''the survival of the fittest'' can best be applied in politics. Whatever it takes for them to achieve what they wanted, no rule or delicadeza stuff will ever deter them from pursuing it.

Regrettably, I used to have a personal admiration for Loren Legarda and Miriam Defensor Santiago. I really campaigned hard for them before. But time and time again, they have proven that only their self-serving interests are important to them. They are notoriously- certified turncoats who are willing to set aside the sentiments and interests of the people just to be able to assure their survival. I am not ashamed nor petrified to convey my disgust and distrust to them. They have failed me with their style much less their insincerity.

When Noynoy files his certificate of candidacy together with his senatorial slate, then we will be able to know if he really wanted change. Wanting change is one thing and wanting victory is another. The difference between these two could speak volumes. In this time of political uncertainties, lots of losers definitely wanted a free ride and could be potential spoilers so Noynoy has to be more discerning in his choices.

So don't be shocked people when one of these days we will be witnessing some so-called ''marriage of convenience'' and some shady alliances amongst unlikely party mates. Those very same politicians who just weeks ago or so were keen to annihilate one another; and tomorrow emerge as best buddies and would unashamedly proclaim that the interest of the nation has been their common agenda so that they have become contrite and forgiving. Yes, ganyan kakapal sa atin! Because of power, fame and fortune! Your instinct is as precise as mine people...

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