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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Efren Peñaflorida Is CNN Hero Of The Year

"Serve, serve well, serve others above yourself and be happy to serve."

Touching moments...poignant words... in an unbridled show of emotions! The CNN Hero of 2009 uttered words of a victor! The victory that emanates from a servant's heart, the joy that comes from serving others and being a catalyst of change in the lives of others.

Hail ye Efren and your Dynamic Teen Company! The Filipino people salute you for yet another feather in the cap for what a true Filipino is able to do, a legacy that would forever permeate in the minds and hearts of today's youth, who hunger for a real hero to look up to. You deserve all the accolades accorded to you.

Congratulations also to those who painstakingly voted to ensure your place in history. To my friends in Saudi Arabia who had to set aside their Facebook addiction on the last hours of voting, just to cast as many votes as they can, thank you guys!

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Nebz said...

Let's not forget to watch it on CNN on 27 November, 7 am (Saudi time). (Sana hindi ako mali sa info na ito).

I'm proud of Efren and his work.

I thank JVC for introducing your blog to me. Honestly, (and not because we share the same name nor because you commended me in one of my posts...hehe), I find your writing very good. I'm truly being honest in saying this. I wish to read more of you.

Siock said...

What a surprise to know that we share the same name! Sana mahawaan ng konti ng inyong talino hehe. I've been a fan of your blogposts even before I started to experiment with my own. Pepe really prodded me to make one, dahil noong ramadan lang nakabili ng cheap laptop hahaha!! Thank you po tocayo!

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