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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Acting Out His Script

"Erap had been too busy playing the role of 'unifier' (kuno)..."

True enough to a pre-conceived scheme, former president Erap has officially announced his candidacy for president (yet again). Not a surprise though! Way back on his house arrest days when the Arroyo administration was in a quagmire of scandals, Erap was in a mode of reconciliation having toned down his stance on Gloria. The deafening silence from his camp and an unusually muzzled criticism of the administration merited suspicion of the highest order haha! And thereon the script was acted out with flawless choreography.

Our hero eventually got pardoned thanks to a panicky Gloria who was all too-consumed by her own survival. However, history will be the judge if that infamous decision would play a role in shaping our country's future political landscape. For as long as trapos get the stranglehold of the country's political system, no landmark corruption case will ever be won for the Filipino people. When Erap was convicted of plunder the Filipino nation had a rare taste of national pride; that a country notoriously associated with corruption in its system was able to convict a former president for large-scale corruption. But just as pundits would guess the saga did not end there- albeit anti-climactic.

Subsequently, Erap in all his glory did not waste time savoring his new-found (undeserved) liberty. Campaign sorties would follow in different regions of the country proclaiming his vindication while gently biting back his pardoner. Throngs of supporters could be seen cheering or perhaps worshiping their hero's exploits as handful of candies would then rain on them - to reward them with their act of idolatry.

As events started to unravel, Erap had been too busy playing the role of 'unifier' (kuno) from among the ranks of the opposition. He however warned that should the opposition fail to choose a common candidate then he would be forced to run..? What the ....! Another stroke of craftsmanship by an actor and politician! So the script went you and I would have expected it.

Judging from his media stunts, no amount of legal hurdles or bad publicity would ever deter the former president from reaching the cinematic climax his role would have demanded. This time there is no stopping Erap- not even the seemingly conclusive Dacer-Corbito case. His team with all its mighty arsenal is determined to shake off all impending threats of disqualification... and so the story goes.

The 2010 presidential election will undoubtedly generate tremendous excitement. It would certainly serve as a barometer as to whether the electorate has grown with time or has remained inconceivably poor in judgment. While every protagonist gears up for a huge battle in surveys, it is also highly anticipated that serious fireworks will come from every direction no matter what the cost.

Now it is for you people to decide about your future. You are and have always been entitled to your decision. You have been offered various plates on the table. It is for you to grab which one you think offers nourishment to your being. If you failed yet again with your poor judgment, then who cares? Don't ever go to the street and scream. Get a life and hang!

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Pepe Cabrera said...

People voting for Erap only think of themselves and the short term solution to their problem and not for the good of all Filipinos.

Anonymous said...

@Pepe - yes its true, that these 'masa' could still be dreaming that an estrada presidency would salvage them from their one meal a day existence. Its sad. But, people like us, who'll likely not vote for someone like Erap, could not imagine living in a country where democracy is suppressed. With this, our reality is that we are not the majority, the poor is, and that we believe in the tenet 'vox populi, vox Dei', their choice will rule us.

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