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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kristie Kenney - Loved By All

"She's well-loved. Her face exudes meekness. She's well-recognized by people from all walks of life. Even kids adore her. She dances to 'Papaya' with ease and elegance. She's friend to Chris Tiu. She's also my friend on FB. She's Kristie Kenney - the first female US Ambassador to the Philippines."

I doubt if there is still anyone in the Philippines who doesn't recognize Kristie Kenney. By far, she is the most popular US Ambassador to have ever served in the Philippines.

First time I saw her on TV was when she hit the stage for a memorable 'Papaya' dance on UKG. She must be enjoying what she does. She is a darn good dancer though.

My admiration for her does not stop there. Her television appearances would be more frequent. She became more accessible to a common man even just on TV. As a TFC subscriber, it was a great delight seeing her appear on Wowowee and danced to the provocative Willie classic 'Boom Tarat Tarat'. Her smiles are infectious. She wears them with much sincerity.

I must ask myself this question. If she's that amiable, how do the embassy people look like, especially the interviewers? Are they nice too? Don't they not behave like her or a bit like her? She is the boss and they ought to emulate her demeanor! Essentially, I have no idea. I haven't applied yet and I have no reason to apply at all.

With her tenure almost certainly to end (although I prefer not too soon), she will be leaving behind tons of friends and fans who will certainly miss her. In her blog, one can tell that she really enjoys her stint in the Philippines. In fact, she's been able to pick up some words in Tagalog.

Evidently, lots of FB friends reacted with gloom when she announced that she will be leaving anytime soon. This is to pave way for an Obama appointee to take her place as has become customary once a new president is sworn in. But surely Ambassador Kenney will sorely be missed. She will definitely be a tough act to imitate for the next ambassador.

To the most loved ambassador, I know you have had bunch of wonderful and memorable moments spent in the Philippines. And some not-so-nice as well to a lesser extent. You might have deleted some from your storage, but I kept one with me to ponder. It's surreal really but I know you can still recall this.

On July 27, 2009 after the SONA of President Gloria Arroyo, you were picked to give your insights (about the SONA) by Pia Hontiveros of ABS-CBN. There were four of you aligned, each waiting for his or her turn to speak. Three distinguished gentlemen from Congress and yourself. You were on the extreme right. Then Pia started her interviews mostly focusing on the gentlemen without acknowledging your presence. She only did when it was your turn to be interviewed, but only after lengthy discussions with the gentlemen. I can see that you felt left out and bypassed. But you kept yourself composed.

While watching, I felt like I wanted to email ABS-CBN for the poor conduct shown by Ms. Hontiveros. She should have acknowledged you before she started her interviews but chose not to. She might be unaware of it, but the viewers could definitely tell how you were being treated. But being a dignified lady as you are, you dealt it with poise and a lot of class.

Madame Ambassador, when it's time for you to say adieu, I hope that the good memories you have of our country will supersede that of the bad. That no amount of ZTE, Garci, Gloria and Erap stuff will ever stop you from believing that we also have Pacquiao, Penaflorida, Charice and Arnel that are worth bragging about. That the Philippines is not (or will not be) the most dangerous country for journalists anymore...after the 2010 elections.

The Filipino people will truly miss you. Your indelible legacy will always stay. We hope and pray for your safety on another journey. That your next ambassadorial post will be an enjoyable one. Keep the fondness of them as you are with Filipinos, and the citizens of that country will embrace you as one of their own.

As TFC subscribers here in Saudi Arabia, with our means of seeing you only on television, the connection you established with us cannot be snapped. The virtual friendship will remain. And when we say it, we mean it. God bless you!

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Pepe Cabrera said...

Hooray to Ambassador Kenney! Thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Im posting this on my blog.

I used to have resentment against America(not in whole), but when I saw Ambassador Kristy Kenny speak in Bataan last heroes day 08, I was moved, and we became friends. Now she is leaving her beloved Philippines, we will miss you Mam…

miguel alerta

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