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Friday, February 12, 2010

Ara Mina: Grilled Or Exposed?

"She just showed her unreadiness. She did allow herself to be cut down to size. She became an instant sensation."

Move over Elle Woods! This is the real deal. Must I say I'm being mean to compare this one to the iconic prejudged Dumbelina of Harvard? Or perhaps I sound too generous to align her with the notoriously pink character in Miss Woods? This Diva is a personification of polarizing superlatives revealed.

I am not a big fan of Mo Twister as I don't normally get to see his program IMO. Neither am I of the sexy actress  turned politician Ara Mina. Not until her famous one-on -one with the Mo that has gone viral on Facebook. The actress at the onset appeared rather uneasy. She must have some inclinations of the jugular she was up to. This is aptly said of one who ventures on something, yet unarmed to do battles with questions more classified as no-brainer; so simple as yes or no - or for or against.

IMO is a show tailored for intelligent discussions. The host oozes with sheer intelligence. His American accent impeccable. His mastery of issues would render you an idiot had you not studied your homework. And barbs of gentle sarcasm would follow as soon as your ignorance is detected. Though a guest may be spared from being whittled upfront, Mo has a penchant for tweeting his sharp criticisms of his guest - this time in an absolute tyranny.

First question goes. For or against private armies. "For?"-- picks Ara Mina - in a questioning tone. Mo could have collapsed from chair. He is obviously up for a ride. He demands her to expound her choice. He reminds her of it being controversial, considering with what occured in Maguindanao. Then she unwittingly justifies her being busy, engrossed with career and/or her district, not so in tuned with national events. Sensing she just fell from high grounds, she struggles to recant albeit obliquely. " I get depressed on hearing such news", she sighs. Mo will then remind her she's running for public office. A colossal OMG! Is this the kind of would-be public servant she personifies? Scary stuff , ain't it?

Her ineptness came to a wider scrutiny from a lady caller, who unhesitatingly expresses her repugnance of showbiz people like her, who seem to care less about things that don't affect them. Aware of her mishap, the booby guest did not allow the bludgeoning to flourish. She rationalizes that news like the massacre in Maguindanao, depresses her and opts not to comment on issues she is not well-versed about. Well, she must be the only adult in the country, who is not aware of little details about the worst election-related massacre in the country's history.

More questions follow. Pre-marital sex. For or against. "Against?" As if she awaits approval from Mo. Does she talk to ghosts? She would have preferred talking to them - their invisible eyelashes batting in collective disagreement. She's on edge. She knows conscientiously. She pares herself down. She self-destructs. She's just moments into the spotlight. And more agonizingly painful closet stuff she's about to draw herself.

Her take on VFA? "I must be in for a serious disgrace". She could be heard mumbling, her eyes roll, her face screams of her utter ignorance. Before she throws her reply, did it occur to her what VFA stands for? She seems not aware that VFA does not stand for your typical Very Frustrating Actress - or any appropriate description of her Vaguely Futile Attempt to redeem herself. It appears that VFA is no staple in sex-laden tabloids, and among gossip-oriented staff or friends, whom she claims to be her source of information.

She would then vote against anti-pornography bill. Is she serious? She "detests" pre-marital sex but would not support measures to clamp down on smut materials or chasing down cybersex maniacs. Is she not aware of Hayden-Katrina saga? She must be alone in her galaxy! One good timely advice - she should get out of her realm and venture in real world where she would practically beg for every single vote in her district.

The rest of the "For or Against" queries did not go unmicroscoped - very monotonous yet predictable. She just showed her unreadiness. She did allow herself to be cut down to size. She became an instant sensation. He had a great episode. He naturally tweeted his joy and pride on a prized catch. This was expected to be a sure hit. And she's been doing well in cyberspace.

If the constitution provides for the separation of the church and of the state as being inviolable, I wish there could also be a separation of showbiz and of politics. This won't be all about gratuitous cruelty. This is reality not lesser in degree to be ignored. How many actor-turned politicians have ventured into politics (as fallbacks) and failed miserably? Needless to name names, but most of them if not petty corrupt are the biggest plunderers.

I don't generalize those array of stars who may be finding their niche in politics. But the stigma clings to everyone's senses, of them purely banking on their popularity rather than the desired qualities in them. With the emergence of media as a powerful tool to educate voters, may we exercise free and pragmatic thinking, weighing in our choices a hundred times.

In this election, voters should not decide in an instant. Others might get easily swayed by flashy ads or celebrity endorsement. The process will not be easy for some. Others will agonize whom to choose till the last moment. Everyone will be armed with his basic rights to decide for his or her future leader. The beauty of democracy is that -every ballot counts as one - be it the ballot of the presumed wise or that of the unwise. For democracy does not distinguish between the right of the wise and the right of the gullible.

And if we who care, do our part and start to enlighten our brothers about the necessity of choosing the right leaders, we will be using democracy to our advantage and benefit. We will have squandered this opportune time if we remain cocooned in our comforts, not doing the least we can, to help usher ourselves into a new beginning. This is a make or break election for our country. We have already lost so much ground in over a decade. And to waste our energies in a yet senseless battle, we shall have lost it before it starts. And the rare chance to win it may never come again.

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The Pope said...

I really begin to hate her on her defense when prodded to explain further that why she hasn’t been following the Maguindanao massacre at all and that she has no time to watch the news.

“I’m always out. Di ko ma-afford manood ng news.”

Stunning answer, parang zombie alive without brain... sorry for the words.

Happy weekend.

Pepe Cabrera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pepe Cabrera said...

The more she defended her stupid answers, the more she got entangled with the questions thrown at her by Mo. god, It's so messy!

I'm not saying that I'm a genius or something, but she should have asked the Wizard of OZ for a brain too!

braggart_21 said...

I haven't watched the show but if I had a choice I still wouldnt watch it because it's produced by ABS CBN. I don't like Ara Mina either but I pity her because she was humiliated by Mo Twister and ANC. The host of the show should protect his / her guest. This is just one of the classic example of irresponsible journalism. I hope KBP would take action on this.

Pepe Cabrera said...

@ Braggart,
I don't think ABS-CBN or Mo Twister has something to do with the unintelligent answers of Ara Mina. In my opinion, she humiliated herself single handedly.

And I think it's good that that interview happened, because the voters in her district will be able to weigh in their decisions as to whether she is worth their vote or not.

Pinky said...

She kinda reminds me of the Mikey Arroyo-Solita Monsod "encounter" some months ago - though I must say, Mikey is a few notches lower than Ara in the "duh-ness" department! Seriously hope the voters in her district think very hard before casting their ballots with her name on it.

Gerald Jay-R said...

actually, it may turn out the sympathy of the public specially sa kanyang district. hmmm...magppaawa effect yan..tsk tsk
just like movie - its gonna be a blockbuster one.

Noel said...

Wow sa picture haha! Nakita ito ng officemate kong Sudan at gusto ipa-print (yung picture). Sabi ko the girl is running for a government office at bigla niyang nasabi "You have a very beautiful government!". I just laughed and told him "We have a lot of decorations in the government that is why it looks beautiful". Then I felt sad coz I just admitted something NOT good about our government. When will this end?

Thanks for sharing. Na-print ko na yung picture hahaha!

Anonymous said...

This should remind those denizens in the silver screen that before they decide to run for elective office, they should take a crash course in what's happening in the country. Ok so sabi nila gusto nilang tumulong, but how could they really help if they keep showing the people how grossly ignorant they are and how unprepared they are for the task ahead?

Tapos ang taong bayan, dapat matuto na, talino at malasakit at paglilingkod na walang anumang kapalit ang dapat nilang hanapin sa mga iboboto nila, hindi yung malaki lang ang boobs!

Anonymous said...

Never liked her. Never will. And please, Lord, don't let her win.

I saw the video, and quite frankly, I really pity her. And I abhorred her the more. And yes, I agree with Pinky. Ara's interview is reminiscent of Mikey-Mareng Winnie episode.

Haaay....kawawang Pilipinas!

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