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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Murder Of A Young Man That Infuriates The World

Warning: What you are about to see is the extent of brutality committed by criminals in uniform to a  seventeen year-old Pakistani man accused of stealing. This video contains very graphic images and gory scenes not suitable for the faint-hearted. Not that the blogger takes delight at the gory details shown in this actual video but it infuriates him that this thing could actually  be possible under the glare of a public, hence this video finds its way through this blog.

In a country where scores of deaths caused by drone attacks and suicide bombings have become mundane scenarios, this one could have gone unnoticed if it wasn't for the culprits and the manner with which it was carried out. In the video, this seventeen year-old man is seen desperately pleading for his life when he was shot point-blank by the men in uniform in Pakistan. Laying on the ground wounded and bleeding, he even begged his murderers to rush him to hospital. The young man did not want to die. But no one listened. No one had wanted the spectacle to end. Let's also take a look carefully at the shooter who gracefully and calmly positioned himself aiming his rifle at the hapless victim.They more or less reveled at their exploits. As if the mother of all ironies, the cold-blooded murderers themselves are the sworn protectors of  civilians like Sarfaraz Shah

What if this live footage was not captured by a television camera? Certainly, the murder of this young man would have ended up as just one of the statistics in a crime-littered city of Karachi. What is even infuriating is the claim of the Pakistan's Interior Minister Rahman Malik that the victim is a "robber" hence suggestively saying that he deserved his fate. And oh yes, before I forget, they are the same faithful Muslims who would troop to Makkah in their impeccable holiness to perform Umrah or Hajj, yet their hearts are filled with murderous intents at the expense of the unarmed poor people. What makes the crime even more appalling is that nobody from the spectators had come forward to help or insist that the man be rushed to the nearest hospital. They all watched there as the man writhed in pain till he breathed his last. 

Judging from the footage, the man could have been saved had one of the spectators or military personnel present intervened. It just goes without saying, that they are worse than the beasts of the field where compassion for the enemy hardly exists yet care and love for their kind is in abundance. The savagery with which these criminals in uniforms had demonstrated will not be forgotten, for the culture of impunity in any society wouldn't find its niche, not ever, as long as the world has its eyes on the injustices to humankind. And the conscientious world is not ready to forgive, just yet, until justice is served. To condemn this act to its strongest term is not enough without  fervently hoping that the perpetrators of this crime will meet their ends in a more painful way whereby they beg that their death be hastened in utmost pain never known to man. 

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