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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Governor Grace Padaca -- You're An Inspiration

"She pioneered honesty in her government. She is a good leader exemplified. She brought herself closer to the people. Her achievements speak volumes."

Whatever happens to the embattled Gov. Grace Padaca's political career -- she is unarguably one of the most successful stories in Philippine politics.

An accountant by training, has serendipitously found her niche in radio broadcasting, a gargantuan figure on the airwaves, and best known as "Bombo Grace" to her ardent listeners.

I admire her a lot. Her sense of fortitude is incredible. Her visions unparalleled. She is a true warrior in every sense. Nothwithstanding her physical defficiencies, she defied all odds, made the invincibles realize, they're not eternally enthroned.

If the Philippines had Cory Aquino, Isabela province in the north has Grace Padaca. She is as a true icon of democracy as her more illustrious idol. Her quixotic quest for governorship of the province of Isabela in 2004, and her subsequent victory made headlines all over the country.

Barely five months before her second term as governor ends, the 2008 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Government Service was ordered by the Comelec to vacate her post as governor. This came as a surprise considering that it is election period again. The Comelec had earlier ruled that it was her opponent Benjamin Dy who won the 2007 elections by a margin of 1,051 votes.

The Dy family has been the ruling political dynasty in Isabela for decades. They control almost everything in the province. Prior to Governor Padaca's venture into politics, the Dy clan has had the stranglehold of politics in the province. Thus her slogan "Free Isabela", struck chords with voters in the province and compelled an army of volunteers to her cause.

Grace Padaca first ran as congresswoman in 2001 but lost by a margin of 48 votes, despite countless ballots being invalidated that should have gone to her. The 48 vote-difference as margin of victory by Faustino Dy, was all they could muster inspite of widespread fraud involving 812 ballot boxes, wherein genuine ballots were removed and replaced with spurious ones with Dy's name written on them.

A whole hosts of evil forces would then play their roles, in upending Grace's quest for restoration of democracy in her province. The House Electoral Tribunal ruled that the ballots with name 'Grace' written on them, were deemed invalid, and therefore should not count in her favor. The Tribunal contended, that she filed her candidacy under the name of Maria Gracia Cielo Padaca, with her nickname as 'Bombo Grace'. So anything less than what she wrote on her certificate of candidacy will not be honored. So the poor Grace lost by technicality.

As much as I would like to give credit to Grace's courageous attempt to free Isabela, I would also like to give credit to those people who were victorious, in their diabolical plot to rob Isabela of their deserved freedom. And the honor goes to the stinky idiots of that House Tribunal namely, Associate Justices Leonardo Quisumbing and Angelina Gutierrez, Representatives Douglas Cagat and Zenaida Ducut, Enrico Echiverri and Joaquin Chipeco.

It's a shame that these creatures who evolved into human species, and who would naturally devour books on Logics, are themselves devoid of simple logical thinking attributable even to Cromagnons and Neanderthals. Yes, this is democracy at its best, only in the Philippines. Democracy is such a sweet word, but a complete overhaul of minds and disrobing of infinite morons in the system, will even be much sweeter.

Finally, in 2004 Grace Padaca became the governor of the province of Isabela. She won 55% of the total votes. This was very surprising considering that she had no money and machineries, as opposed to her seemingly indomitable powerful opponent. Her unlikely victory was dubbed as David's butcher of the towering Goliath.

Now, into her last few months as a second-term governor, Grace Padaca's legacy of good governance is a testament to her selfless quest for a better Isabela. The changes she introduced as governor are beyond reproach. She pioneered honesty in her government. She is a good leader exemplified. She brought herself closer to the people. Her achievements speak volumes.

She is such a popular figure that her story becomes a conspicuous staple in media and around circles. She is a recipient of numerous awards for her extraordinary public service records. She is also the Magsaysay Awardee for Government Service in 2008. And she is the complete opposite of the one who now sits on the throne of abomination.

As the world is governed by principalities and evils, so is the Malacañan and Comelec. These institutions who have the power to "Ampatuanize" so to speak, the very foundation of democracy by virtue of their self-serving agenda. Righting the wrong and falsifying the truth is where they excel most. So Grace Padaca, by virtue of her more than 17,000 votes margin of victory, lost the election in 2007!

My sympathy goes to the powerful and influential Dys of Isabela, whose 30-year grip in power was interrupted by the 'fraud' polio-victim Padaca. The powerful dynasty and a multi-millionaire was defrauded by the poor penniless Padaca in the election! Yes, that is their lame contention. And what about the 17,000 vote-advantage by Padaca? How did they overturn it? That is what we call magic. The magic only a so-called 'lucky bitch', and the 'wicked witch of the east' is capable of doing.

It is a public knowledge that Governor Grace Padaca had aligned herself with Senator Noynoy Aquino. Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio and Bulacan Governor Joselito Mendoza are also among those who threw their support for Noynoy, and are in the process of suffering the same fate as Padaca. The Bulacan governor was even first to be ordered to step down from office. All the alleged winners in those provinces are friends and allies of the administration. There we get it!

Whatever happens to the motion for reconsideration filed by Grace Padaca, the notion that justice is only a superficial thing in our judicial system, remains a grim reality.

Our parasite-infested government institutions, are but tangible manifestations of a government rotten to the core. Once seated, they appear like symbols of righteousness with impeccable integrity, that with a stroke of their pen, they could decide everyone else's survival.

As the Scriptures would comfort the believers in Romans 8:31 that says, " If God is for us, who can be against us?" Then the cunningly shrewd and foxy resident evil of Malacañan, would also comfort her disciples with the same mantra, " If Gloria is for us, who can be against us?" And so, all who dares to spoil her party, better take heed!

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Pepe Cabrera said...

This only shows that the Arroyo Government is capable of destroying political foes at the expense of our democracy. So let us be vigilant and show our disgust towards this repulsive government.

Lacson said...

To you my fellow Negrense. Please do not base your belief on a person merely on an image portrayed. Please find out real facts on that person! I am not from Isabela as well. Like you, i am from Bacolod. But i look at both sides. Check out page 20 of The Philippine Star dated today Dec. 18 to know more about this person you call Your Inspiration and awarded for Good Governance. She has 4 cases pending with the Ombudsman for GRAFT and CORRUPTION in her 5 years being in office while the Dys in 34 years in office not a SINGLE case was filed even if Padaca exhausted all means to find something during her first 3 years. No wonder there was no progress in that province! With regards to the Comelec's decision, Due process was properly observed. And just so you know, the Dys immediately filed the protest after Padaca was proclaimed only based on the unofficial canvass. The case would have been resolved a lot sooner hadn't it been for their delaying tactics. They are contriving with the conspiracy theory involving Malacanang as a sign of desperate moves to get the sympathy of the Nation which you and I are part of but not the people of Isabela. Lets just leave it up to the people of Isabela and let Truth and Justice prevail.

Siock said...

My Fellow Negrense: To use the word "belief" as reference to my factual views on this issue is so disrespectful and careless. First, I would have not delved into this issue had I lived in another galaxy inhabited by soothsayers. While I respect your strong views on the issue, mine did not emanate from a pathetic truth-devoid tabloid. You yourself had said that the province of Isabela has seen no progress. And what had been the Dys doing in their 30-yr grip in power? And Padaca's barely 2terms merited her a Magsaysay Award? Just exercise little logic! I don't think her award was a fluke and some other numerous awards she received were a sham given by humongous idiots! As for the pending graft and corruptions you mentioned filed against her, they are part and parcel of dirty politics used against her. I would be convinced if she and her kins live in palatial mansion while her people wallow in poverty. Yes, I am proud to say that she inspires me in the same way as I am disgusted at our very own corrupt leaders and dynasties in Negros Occidental.

isabelinos said...

To Siock: go to Isabela and see for yourself you idiot!!! inspiration ba yan na ultimong panty liner and parking ticket sa Shangrila mall Isabelinos pa nagbabayad??!! and meron proof na napakita yung nag au-audit sa Isabela! Before you say something you go to Isabela and try asking the people there kung sino talaga gusto nila! and mind you, di mo ba alam mga properties ni Padaca or should i say Padaya ha??? sino ang nasa position na nung 2007 election?? sino may machinery para my capacity mangdaya ha?? Sino ang kapatid numero uno sa illegal logging ha??? si Gob Grace Padaya!! yan ang tingnan mo na facts bago ka umangal dyan kasi wala kang alam!!

Isabelinos said...

tingnan mo din nag rarally kung meron taga Isabela na kasama si Padaya! puro publicity and mga students ng Lyceum and si Panlilio and mga nag sulat ng support sa kanya sa newspaper puro taga Manila! habang kay Governor(the REAL Governor!) Ben Dy lahat ng nag sulat na supporters ay TUNAY na ISABELINOS!! get your facts straight Idiot!!

Lacson said...

Correction my fellow Negrense, Isabela did not see progress during Padaca's term but only used Isabela to gain popularity on National level. While before she took over in 2004, Isabela was a model province throughout the country from various projects pioneered by the Dys such as free hospitalization, medicines, etc. Unfortunately, the Dys don't broadcast what they do because that's what you call Real Public Service! Unlike Padaca, who is a journalist by profession, has mastered image building and a surreal persona. While it may still work for our countrymen, it definitely won't for Isabelinos.

Pepe Cabrera said...

"Don't take advantage of the poor just because you can; Don't take advantage of those who stand helpless in court. The Lord will argue their case for them and threaten the life of anyone who threatens theirs."

Proverbs 22:22-23

Armie said...

Mr. Benoyo, I am the daughter of Gov. Ben Dy and I can’t accept your accusation regarding our family. I am not waging war on you sir but let me just ask you, have you been to Isabela? Maybe it’s best that you go to Isabela and see for yourself what the real situation the people in Isabela are in. DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. Ms. Grace Padaca’s story is like a fairytale. We Filipinos believe in fairytales…but remember, fairytales are not TRUE. Look at the REAL story sir.
I am requesting you to conduct a survey in our province between Gov. Ben Dy and “your inspiration” Ms. Grace Padaca regarding their performance as a public servant. So that you can SEE, HEAR and KNOW firsthand the real story and not just based facts you see and read in the news. Visit our district hospitals around our province and see for yourself the poor and needy Isabelinos pay even the cotton balls and syringes that was free during the Dy’s administration. See for yourself if the Isabelinos get free hospitalization, medicine and medications in “your inspiration” Ms. Grace Padaca’s administration and compare it to the Dy’s administration that was given to our constituents ALL for free. Sir, it’s easy to make comments and write ups but KNOW the TRUTH to it. You are not the one SUFFERING and doesn’t FEEL the PAIN when a loved one dies due to lack of medical services that “your inspiration” Ms Grace Padaca failed to deliver.

Armie said...

Let me just EDUCATE you sir of the programs and projects done under the Dy’s administration, to name a few: Agrikulturang Makamasa (won the 100 MILLION PESOS awarded by the GAWAD SAPAT ANI AWARD in Oct.20, 2000), Isabela School for the Deaf (considered first in local government), put up the Isabela Action Center (a satellite office) in Metro Manila and Baguio to serve and assist Isabelinos with their problems, ZERO-BACKLOG classroom programs ( completed – 1,068 classrooms), Provincial Health Care Programs ( FREE hospitalization, medication and medical services. The program catered to 119,684 beneficiaries- indigents, private and government sectors), MODERNIZED District Hospitals located at Cabagan, Roxas, Echague and Cauayan City, Isabela, acquisition of STATE-OF-THE-ART Medical Facilities (Ultrasound, Dental Chair w/ X-Ray and Automated Processor, Dialysis Machine and CT Scan), Cassava Production and Marketing Project ( joint project of Valley Planters Development Cooperative(VAPDECO), Provincial Government of Isabela and San Miguel Corporation(SMC) with 3,036 member-cooperators). These are just a few of what the Dy’s had done sir. Mr. Benoyo, can you ATLEAST name ONE project that “your inspiration” Ms Grace Padaca PIONEERED?

Armie said...

A Ramon Magsaysay Awardee? Are you sure that the facts sent to them were really the TRUE FACTS and not LIES? Maybe they were not aware of the REAL SITUATION our province is experiencing because “your inspiration” Ms Grace Padaca is all false publicity. Let me just inform you sir, the policy of management by the Dy’s Administration is “TO GOVERN BY DEEDS, NOT BY PUBLICITY.
Mr Benoyo, as the Scripture in Matthew 6:1-4 says: Be careful not to do your ‘acts of righteousness’ before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no rewards from your Father in heaven. “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Armie said...

Truth be told,Mr.Benoyo that "your inspiration" Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Ms. Grace Padaca is now facing four cases for violation of the anti graft and corrupt practices act before the Office of Ombudsman for misuse of government funds ( OMB-L-C-07-0220-B; OMB-L-C-07-0224-B For: VRA 3019,Sec. 3(e); OMB-L-C-07-0286,MOB-L-C-07-0239-C For Violation of RA 3019 and Misconduct). You might want to check it out be properly INFORMED of the things you write about. Thanks and God Bless.

Armie said...

Oooooppps, correction...MR BEDAYO I mean. sorry...

Anonymous said...

"The rewards for doing good is life, but sin leads only to more sin."

-Proverbs 10:16

Anonymous said...

I am always excited with your posts, and now I must admit that I became more excited about your comments. Haha! Made ka na Nelson!

What happened to Padaca is ironic. A few months before the next elections, COMELEC unseated her. Okay. That's how slow our system works. Siguro kapag tumakbo sya ulit and she wins, another election-related case will be filed against her that will take another six years (ooppss...five years and a few months pala) to resolve.

I'm not from Isabela so I can't tell how Isabela is under Padaca. All I know is that I perceive Padaca as good.

Ricardo said...

Grace Padaca is a GOOD leader. Kung anuman ang dahilan sa pagtangal sa kanya pagiging gubernador, tingin ko may kinalaman ang Malacañang doon. Sr.Siock, napakaganda ng blog po ninyo at well writen ang mga posts. God Bless!

Armie said...

@isladenebz - sir/ma'am, three years lang po ang term ng local officials. so impossible pong abutin ng 5 yrs yun to be decided upon....just so you know po.

@isladenebz and ricardo - as I've said to Mr. Bedayo, maybe it’s best that you go to Isabela and see for yourself what the real situation the people in Isabela are in. DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. Ms. Grace Padaca’s story is like a fairytale. We Filipinos believe in fairytales…but remember, fairytales are not TRUE. Look at the REAL story sir.- I am also giving you that as an answer.
How can you say that she's a GOOD LEADER sir? Are you from Isabela po ba? because if not, parang baseless po yung comment nyo, di po ba?
And please don't involve the palace in this issue. They had given a statement already. FYI: Gov Ben Dy is under National Coalition Party (NPC)which is under Danding Cojuangco po and not under GMA.
Sana po talagang pumunta kyo sa Isabela para makita nyo situation. Thanks po and God Bless.

Armie said...

One more thing Mr. Bedayo:
Dynasty? Why is it such a big issue to you sir? There are family of doctors, family of lawyers, family of thieves, family of vendors…why can’t there be a family of politicians Mr. Bedayo(got your name right this time)? I see that you are an avid supporter of Sen. Noynoy Aquino, isn’t he also within a dynasty family?
Sir, aren’t you contradicting yourself? You shouldn’t just JUDGE a person merely by his/her name…take a closer LOOK at his/her ACCOMPLISHMENTS and what kind of a PUBLIC SERVANT he/she is.

Siock said...

To Armie:
Welcome to my sanctuary! I appreciate your gallantry in the defense of your loved one. While it is evident I never vilified your (father) in my post, I noticed that you're deeply annoyed at my reference to Gov. Grace as an "inspiration". I am a person who believes in freedom of expression and opinion, and you're fully entitled to it as I am.

If we let the real Isabelinos speak up (not the fake ones), we would have known the real sentiments of the people. And in my previous post, I made it clear that political dynasties have no place in a real democracy. As for the awards bestowed on Padaca, don't expect me to write a post on the incompetence and biases of the likes of Ramon Magsaysay Awards. Because these institutions have more integrity and credibility than the stinky rotten Comelec and Malacanang.

Further,I am in agreement with you in saying that Padaca's is a fairy tale. She has no right to gatecrash the party of elites and powerful let alone sit at the banquet table. That's why royalties dread at the sight of her holding the scepter.

Merry Christmas to all of you and I wish your family more success in 2010!

First-Time Voter said...

Ay mainit ang debate! Parang masyado yatang nanggagalaiti ang mga nagcocomment. Cool lang kayo baka atakihin po. As for me, I don't believe in trapos yun lang. As a new voter, gusto ko new breed of leaders naman coz nabigyan na ng sapat na time yung mga luma to prove themselves, wag na yung pare-parehong mukha or apelyido. I have nothing against Noynoy coz di naman sya magnanakaw or walang tendency magnakaw! Meri Krismas po sa inyong lahat!

Dinah said...

Para po sa kaliwanagan ng lahat at para na rin po bigyan daan ang mga sinasabi ng mga tagaroon mismo sa Isabela, read this:

Yparraguirre said...

Click here to NOYPIPOL and read more about Grace Padaca!

Ricardo said...

Read "Hindi Sana Totoo"!

Iloilo Lass said...

Itong mga galit kay Grace, kayo ba ano ang nagawa nyo sa bayan natin? Obvious naman na die-hard supporter itong Armie na kunyari anak daw, who cares kung anak ka, dapat ka mahiya na bukod sa pinagtulungan nyo na ang isang pilay na babae ay dinaya nyo pa noong 2001. Makapangyarihan nga kayo eh hindi nman maglalast for eternity ang kapangyarihan nyo. Tandaan nyo walang kasamaan na hindi kailanman maihahayag sa mundo. At least si Padaca ay nagtigil ng illegal logging na naging talamak noong DYnasty nyo!

Armie said...

To: Mr. Bedayo
Thank you so much for welcoming me to your sanctuary sir. Really appreciate it! I, too believes in freedom of expression and opinions sir and I am aware that each person is entitled to their own opinion but if you really don’t have any KNOWLEDGE of the REAL story…that’s a different thing . As I’ve said, maybe its best that you come to Isabela to KNOW firsthand the REAL SITUATION our province is in sir and not just base your opinion on false publicity given by “your inspiration” Ms. Padaca. I know that you are an intelligent person sir and can be able to analyze this issue, given the chance to have the whole picture. That’s why I made an effort to INFORM you our side of the story sir.
And if you want the real Isabelinos to speak up to know their sentiments, you should read page 20 of the Phil Star, dated Dec. 18, 2009 sir. From there, you’ll be able to KNOW the REAL SENTIMENTS of our constituents. Those people who signed there are ALL CERTIFIED ISABELINOS. Not like the Public Statement of “your inspiration” Ms. Grace Padaca that only 5 signatories were CERTIFIED Isabelinos. .
Thank you po sir for sharing your views regarding the present situation of our province. You gave me an inspiration to defend the plight of our family as well as our constituents. I hope that someday you will have the chance to know our family. And Merry Christmas din po to you and your family as well.

Armie said...

To: Dinah, Yparraguirre, Ricardo and Iloilo Lass

Read Phil Star, dated Dec. 18,2009 to know the REAL SENTIMENTS of the people of Isabela and not just a blog coming from Ms. Grace Padaca...that would be bias, don't you think?

Armie said...

To: Iloilo Lass
Sir,i am not pretending to be the daughter of Gov. Ben Dy...its a FACT. I am his eldest daughter.
Sir, di po kami nagagalit, we just wanted to let the misinformed people of the REAL story and not false publicity. Bat di po kaya kyo pumunta sa Isabela para malaman nyo ang TOTOO.
Illegal Logging???? Bat di nyo din po itanong ke Ms Grace Padaca ang involvement ng kapatid nyang si Marlon regarding this.
Sir, mahirap po kasing maki alam ang mga taong di naman po tiga Isabela at hindi alam ang tunay na situation dito.

Armie said...

To: Iloilo Lass
As I've said to Mr. Bedayo earlier, Ms. Grace Padaca is now facing four cases for violation of the anti graft and corrupt practices act before the Office of Ombudsman for misuse of government funds ( OMB-L-C-07-0220-B; OMB-L-C-07-0224-B For: VRA 3019,Sec. 3(e); OMB-L-C-07-0286,MOB-L-C-07-0239-C For Violation of RA 3019 and Misconduct). You might want to check it out be properly INFORMED of the things you write about. - Sir, this one goes out to you as well. Di po ito gawa gawa lang. Ayan po ang mga case no...para po ma confirm nyo.
Sir, wala sa issue ang pagka pilay po ni Ms Grace Padaca...yung capacity nya and machineries ang issue po dito. Di po ba sya na ang naka upong gov nun 2007 election? so asa kanya po lahat ng kelangan nya.

Armie said...

To Dinah, Yparraguirre, Ricardo and Iloilo Lass
I also would like to inform you that my father ran under the National People’s Coalition Party which was not entitled of election returns during the 2007 National and Local Elections. The only parties authorized to acquire the said returns was the dominant parties, LAKAS-KAMPI Party which Cong. Edwin Uy is the regional head and Liberal Party which Grace Padaca is their running candidate.
In the first place, the proclamation of Ms. Grace Padaca has irregularities wherein the statements of votes should not be used as the basis of proclamation instead it should be a certificate of canvas. The heading of the statement of votes were erased and was replaced by a hand- written certificate of canvass. My father filed a complaint against the municipal canvassers of Ilagan and the Provincial Board of Canvassers.
I would also like to inform you that during the recount and revisions in Comelec, both parties were properly represented and that Ms. Padaca kept on using delaying tactics in our protest. To site one instance, in the town of Gamu, where the Mayor is her ally and included in her counter protest, the ballot boxes they sent to Manila contained Baranggay and SK results and not the Local and National Elections results, Padaca did not even bothered to question the municipal treasurer of Gamu for that matter. Why? Is it part of their dilatory tactics?
My father filed a complaint against the municipal treasurer of Gamu in that particular matter. And the COMELEC conducted their own investigation of the said town. Wherein they found out that the ballot boxes used in the 2007 Local and National Election were empty. And that a written report was submitted by the late PES Atty Michael Valdez. The same Atty Valdez which she included in her SANA DI TOTOO blog - ISABELA COMELEC SUPERVISOR MURDERED, ISABELA PNP DIRECTOR (FEARED TO BE) BIASED AND PARTISAN.
These are ACTUAL FACTS and EVENTS that Ms. Grace Padaca REFUSED to mention in all her publicity…well, of course its not in her favor.

Armie said...

To: Iloilo Lass
Sa inyo na po ng galing..."Tandaan nyo walang kasamaan na hindi kailanman maihahayag sa mundo." Di po ba lumabas na? Ironic po di ba?

ang totoo lang said...

iloilo lass: gago ka pala eh! paano na tanggal yung illegal logging sa Isabela eh mismong kapatid ng idol mo na pilay ang leader sa illegal logging! BOBOOO!!

Elvie said...

para lang po sa kaalaman ng lahat na walang alam sa nangyayari dito sa Isabela please watch this video of Grace Padaca vs Governor Ben Dy's interview on our local channel TV Patrol Cagayan Valley.

pNotice pano mag asta ang isang Gobernador (kuno!) pag na interview dito sa local na sobrang tapang at walang breeding! compared sa National media na paawa effect paiyak iyak pa para makuha sympathy ng mga tao. Hindi pa masagot ng diretso mga accusations sa kanya kasi totoo lahat! Hindi nga sya tumatanggap ng pera sa jueteng, hindi nga siya nangungumisyon sa mga projects kasi may ibang tumatanggap para sa kanya!! sobraqng nag mamalinis eh sino nga ba si Marlon Padaca na taga collect ng juetend and illegal logging nya?? diba kapatid niya yun?? Yan ang dapat ninyong malaman sa mga nangyayari dito sa Isabela! Bago kayo mag akusa alamin muna ang katotohanan.

Armie said...

To:ang totoo lang
Please, let us not use foul words... let's just voice out the TRUTH.

justina.reyes said...

This is Justina Reyes from Ilagan Isabela. Gov. Grace Padaca is indeed a good person. Im an avid fan of her few years back. I used to listen to her radio programs and even helped her collected “PISO para kay Grace Padaca” when she was in jail. I used to idolize her courage in dethroning the DY dynasty who had served merely 3 or 4 decades in our province. Imagine a disabled woman overpowering the DYs? That is really amazing. The people of Isabela expected that change of administration would turn our province to a better place but unfortunately it became worse. My first hand experience was when my mother was ill and dying. I can still recall that very day when we tried to approach our dear governor to ask for help. When my mother was admitted in FNDY Memorial Hospital due to DENGUE, I left my sibling with my mother in the hospital while I headed to our Provincial Capitol. “Awan ni gob. Agsubli isuna tuno meysa pay nga domingo.” These are the words I got from one of her staffs. I was told that she was out of town and I was advised to go back Wednesday next week in order for me to talk to her. Next week??? My mother was dying and I’m not even sure if I’m getting any help by the time when our governor is around. We tried to reach her but we got no answers. To cut it all short, my mother passed away. When we got our bill, even the cotton and syringes are included. District hospitals are charging these? Oh common! I was really disappointed by then especially when I found out that part of our governor’s reimbursements are her panty liners, shavers, and even mall parking fees. If you were in my shoes, what would you feel? Thank God we have friends that helped us paid our hospital bills… friends who are taxpayers as well….friends who are also paying for Gov Grace’s expenses in and out of the country. Time went on and things are getting worse. Aside from her COMELEC protest, she is dealing with Ombudsman case and COA issues. Her siblings and GALAMAYS are the ones who are doing the dirty tactics for her. The said “Governor Grace Padaca ” who I used to idolize became someone we don’t know. It seems like power and money are really devious. It’s not the Dys or Padaca, it’s the Isabela people who are suffering nowadays. Im not really a fan of the DYs but things are better during their time compare to Padaca’s. Tama na Gov. Grace Padaca. Kami ang nagdudusa habang ang sarap ng upo ninyo sa kapitolyo. Sa mga tao pong nagcocomment na hindi naman aware sa mga nangyayari, try to visit our province and see for yourself. Buti pa kayo na at the end of the day nakakatulog kayo habang kaming taga-Isabela nahihirapan, namamatayan at nagdudusa dito sa Isabela. Kung mabuti sya, bakit karamihan sa mga alagad ng simbahan sa aming probinsya ay tutol sa kanya? Dati po siguro mabuti sya. Nalamon na sya ng pera at kapangyarihan. Pinangakuan po kami ng pagbabago ni Gob Grace pero nasaan na po ang pagbabagong sinasabi nya? Oo may milyon o bilyong savings ang probinsya pero aanuhin namin ang savings na ito kung naghihirap, namamatay at nagugutom ang mga taga-Isabela?
For me, Gov Grace seems like the devil in the bible. In the book of Job, Satan is the angel who accuses Job before God but by the time of Jesus Satan was seen not merely as the accuser but also the troubler of mankind. However, Satan is still active tempting Christians and opposing Christ’s cause.

Armie said...

To: Iloilo Lass
With regards to ano nagawa ng Dy Administration. As I've already said earlier to Mr. Bedayo sir...
Let me just EDUCATE you sir of the programs and projects done under the Dy’s administration, to name a few: Agrikulturang Makamasa (won the 100 MILLION PESOS awarded by the GAWAD SAPAT ANI AWARD in Oct.20, 2000), Isabela School for the Deaf (considered first in local government), put up the Isabela Action Center (a satellite office) in Metro Manila and Baguio to serve and assist Isabelinos with their problems, ZERO-BACKLOG classroom programs ( completed – 1,068 classrooms), Provincial Health Care Programs ( FREE hospitalization, medication and medical services. The program catered to 119,684 beneficiaries- indigents, private and government sectors), MODERNIZED District Hospitals located at Cabagan, Roxas, Echague and Cauayan City, Isabela, acquisition of STATE-OF-THE-ART Medical Facilities (Ultrasound, Dental Chair w/ X-Ray and Automated Processor, Dialysis Machine and CT Scan), Cassava Production and Marketing Project ( joint project of Valley Planters Development Cooperative(VAPDECO), Provincial Government of Isabela and San Miguel Corporation(SMC) with 3,036 member-cooperators). These are just a few of what the Dy’s had done sir. Mr. Benoyo, can you ATLEAST name ONE project that “your inspiration” Ms Grace Padaca PIONEERED? - na sagot ko na po ba tanong nyo? sana po mag sagot nyo din yung question ko sa huli sir.

Anonymous said...

greetings!!! ako po c chay from cauayan city,isabela, hometown po ng magkatungaling grace padaca at gov ben.tutoo po na matagal na nanilbihan ang pamilya dy sa bayan na ito at sa probinsiya ng isabela.ang cauayan po dati ay isang third class municipality.ito po ang "tondo" ng isabela. notorious sa mga nakawan ng mga baka at kalabaw.nang umupong mayor c ka tino(faustino dy sr)naging maunlad at mapayapa ang cauayan.ito ang naging dahilan kung bakit sya ang napilling kandidato para sa gobernador nung 1971 ng partidong liberal party.ang magat dam po ay ginawa sa panahon ng administration ni ka tino.ang biyaheng dati ay 12 oras mula maynila ay naging 7-8oras nalng dahil napasemento ang mga daan.nung panahon po ni madam cory,c melanio singson ang inatasan umupo bilang gobernador.pinaubaya ni ka tino ang kapitolyo k singson.dumating ang election,tumakbo po ulit c ka tno para gobernador,at muling nanalo.kung hindi npo sya mahal ng mga isabelino,hindi na po sya dapat manalo ulit d po ba?.nanilbihan c ka tino hanggang 1992 at ang pumalit ay c ben dy.maraming naipatupad na projects c gov ben. pero ang pagkapanalo ng isabela gawad sapat ani award nung 2000 ang maituturing na achievement ng kanyang administration dahil may kinalaman ito sa pangkabuhayan ng mga isabelino,bukod sa cash reward na 100million na ginamit nya pambili ng mga post harvest facilities para magamit ng mga farmers ng isabela.2001 election,c gov jr ang nanalong backlog ng school bldgs,medical and health care ang priority sa kanyang agenda.nagpatayo siya ng mga modernong ospital sa apat na distrito ng taong din ito unang lumaban c grace padaca sa mga dy sa 3rd district ng isabela against faustino"bojie"dyIII.natalo sya at nagprotesta sa hret.2004,natalo c gov jr ni gov grace padaca.maraming report ng terrorism at pandaraya noon,pero mahirap patunayan kaya d na nagfile ng protest c gov jr.hindi po lahat ng dy nanalo sa eleksyon.may mga natalo rin po.dumadaan naman po lahat sila sa tamang proseso.kaya nasa taong bayan talaga yan. sila ang namimili at bumoboto!!!maraming pangako c grace na napako.aalisin niya ang jueteng,walang illegal logging,lilinisin ang bureaucracy.inalis niya ang health care ng mga isabelino. tinipid ang budget ng mga hospital.pero d tinitipid ang pansariling po siguro ang isa sa mga dahilan kaya marami ang nawalan ng gana sa kanya ang mga tao. ang pagbabagong pinangako niya ay d niya natupad. bagkus,lumala pa ang sitwasyon ng pangkabuhayan namin d2.mahusay magsalitya c gov grace kc galing sya sa media. yun ang forte niya.PUBLICITY.magmula ng umupo sya,wala akong kongretong batayan ng mga achievements nya as a public servant.maraming savings daw ang kapitolyo sb niya.pero walang gamot at gamit ang mga hospital na importante sa isang mahirap at naghihikahos na isabelino.ayaw ko rin questionin ang pagkapanalo niya ng magsaysay award kc d ko alam ang batayan.ang alam ko lang, sa tagal kong nanirahan d2,nakita ko ang kaibahan ng pagsilbi nila sa taong bayan.bukas ang pintuan ng mga dy anumang oras.pede silang lapitan sa mga problema.k gov grace grace,kailangan ng appointment.mas madalas pa siya sa manila o kaya sa pampanga.iba nag sinasabi nya sa ginagawa niya.wala akong knakampihan. nagmamasid lang ako sa paligid ko.malaki na nga ang inunlad ng cauayan. city na nga ito.ang pagbabagong pinangako ni gov grace kaya ay naantala?tutoo bang wala ng jueteng at illegal logging?d ko makuhang magbulag bulagan.ang pakiusap ko lang,bayaan niyang kaming mga isabelino ang humusga sa aming mga lider.dahil kami ang apektado at hindi kayo.inaaantay pa rin namin ang desisyon ng comelec.darating na naman ang 2010 election. padaca at dy ang maglalaban. sana once and for all masettle na ang isyung ito!!! at sana kung sino man ang matalo,tanggapin ang desisyon ng taong bayan. SALAMAT po.

Armie said...

"TO GOVERN BY DEEDS NOT BY PUBLICITY" - that is the Dy's policy of management. And not the other way around. Di kelangan magkaroon ng anumang award para lang mapatunayan na naglingkod ka. ACTUAL PROOF nun would be from the people itself. Di nasusukat ang galing sa isang award lamang.

Iloilo Lass said...

To Miss Armie, ako po ay girl kaya nga lass eh 22yrs old. Ang napansin ko sobra naman yatang nagpupuyos kayo lahat sa galit pati mga kasama nyo na malutong magmura. God knows kung sino sya at nagbabalatkayo lang. Hayaan nyo na mga totong tao magdecide kung ano ang dapat paniwalaan. Kase puro kayo paninira, parang pinapalabas nyo na kayo talaga ang magagaling at walang bahid.

Iloilo Lass said...

Para sa yo Ang Totoo Lang:

Wala kang breeding, foul-mouthed malaki bunganga, yan ba ang pagpapalaki ng magulang mo sayo? If you cannot engage in a decent conversation, doon ka pumunta sa Payatas. Kanindot silihan imong simod. Pano kita paniniwalaan, convincing na sana mga paliwanag eh sa nakita ko kayo nga talaga ang mga masasama! Ang totoo lang sayo, ikaw ay may masangsang na bunganga at barumbado! Ikaw dapat pinipilayan!

Armie said...

To: Iloilo Lass
Hindi ako na ninira at nagagalit MA'AM...inilalantad ko lang yung mga FACTS na HINDI KAYO AWARE na nangyari at ngyayari dito sa Isabela to get the whole picture. Di paninira at galit yun. Ang sabi ko nga, mas maganda kung magpunta kayo dito samin para makita niyo ang TOTOONG sitwasyon at hindi mga false publicity lamang ang napapakingan at nababasa niyo. Yun lang ang solution dito or else wala kang karapatan mag comment ng mga comments mo. O baka naman ikaw ang nagbabalatkayo na hindi ka tiga Isabela para sabihin mo na nagpupuyos ako sa galit.
Ikaw, Iloilo Lass, bat hindi mo din kaya hayaan ang mga totoong tiga Isabela na mag decide din kung ano din ang paniniwalaan nila. Di mo din naman nararamdaman at naririnig mga daing ng mga tao sa kawalan ng serbisyo dito di ba? Kasi by the end of the day, maayos ang lagay mo. So anong right mo para mag react ng ganyan?
Hindi din ako nagmamagaling at hindi din ko din sinasabing wala kaming bahid….dahil lahat tayo dito sa mundo ay makasalanan. Meron lang mga nagmamalinis dyan.

ang totoo lang said...

iloilo lass ka dyan! mag asta ka parang hindi babae! kung mang akusa ka parang may alam ka sa mga nangyayari eh hindi ka naman taga isabela! at wag ka mag sabi na mahiya si armie dahil anak siya ni Governor Ben Dy ang kabastusan nga naman ikaw ang walang breeding! u have no right to judge much more to say na mahiya ang isang tao dahil anak siya ng tatay nya! wala ka talagang alam so just shut up!! walang kang pinag aralan kasi putak ka ng putak wala ka naman alam! do u personally know the Dys?? eh yung idol mo na pilay kilala mo ba talaga?? yan ang isipin mo bago ka mang akusa ng bagay na hindi totoo at wala kang alam! Pumunta ka dito sa Isabela para malaman mo ang totoong nangyayari dito sa lugar namin at hindi yung putak ka ng putak taga iloilo ka lang naman!!

Yparraguirre said...

Paano kayong paniniwalaan kung magsalita kayo para kayong mag- massacre.Para kayong papatay para lang paniwalaan kayo. Sa ginagawa nyo lalong patunay na sinungaling kayo. Hindi ko na dapat gawing mahaba ang comment ko, Sa aking palagay mabuting tao si Grace Padaca!She's an amazing woman!

Armie said...

To: Yparraguirre
Massacre???? Hahaha nakakatawa ka naman Yparraguirre. Bat di mo kaya itanong ke Ms.Grace Padaca kung sino si Mayor Andopatuan Cumigad ng Gamu? Ka alyansa niya yun.. At sa Gamu din ngyari ito  WET OR MISSING BALLOTS – na binabanggit niya na asa SANA HINDI TOTOO blog niyang ipinost mo. I’m sure you read it. Isa pa, itong  ISABELA COMELEC SUPERVISOR MURDERED, ISABELA PNP DIRECTOR (FEARED TO BE) BIASED AND PARTISAN – na binabanggit niya ulit sa SANA HINDI TOTOO Blog niyang ipinost mo ay HINDI nag SERVE sa Isabela noong 2007 National and Local Elections. Sa Cagayan siya naka destino noon. Ang tanging naging participation lang ni the late PES Atty. Valdez ay siya ang nag imbestiga ng issue na iyon. At ang FINDINGS ay WALANG LAMAN ang mga ginamit na ballot boxes na ginamit noong 2007 National and Local Election. Ito ay ACTUAL FACTS at hindi gawa gawa lamang. LAHAT ng mga isinusulat ko dito ay pawang totoo at may mga edibensya na AYAW IPAAALAM ni Ms. Grace Padaca sa PUBLIKO.
Alam mo Yparraguirre, mahirap kasi na pabayaan nalang namin lahat ng mga MISINFORMATIONS na sinasabi ni Ms. Padaca. Mahirap mag husga ng isang side lang ang alam mo, lalo na kung hindi ka naman tiga Isabela…now that you know the WHOLE PICTURE, at kung matalino ka, i analyze mo yan. Bago ka mag comment. Thank you…

Armie said...

PHIL. STAR, Dated Dec. 18, 2009, page 20
Respect Comelec Decision, Let Justice Prevail
Grace Padaca has absolutely no reason to hold on to a post that she gained due to massive fraud and other irregularities in the May 2007 elections.
The Comelec decision unseating her is just, valid, legitimate and not tainted by any form of bias.
This verdict is a clear reflection of the cheating that happened in 13 towns in the province in 2007, when thousands of ballots were accomplished by one or two persons, and when the different inks used in many ballots betrayed a pattern of bogus votes stuffed into the ballot boxes.
She can no longer hide behind a veil of sincerety, honesty and innocence. Neither can she feign weakness and play the underdog card. Let us not forget that she was in power as governor at the time these fraud were committed. She was more than capable. She had the machinery and capacity contrary to what she would expect us to believe.
Only an intelligent mind with a criminal bent can implement the systematic manufacture of ballots.
Padaca must abide by the Comelec decision since she submitted herself to the commission’s jurisdiction, the process was followed to the letter and her lawyers witnessed how the ballot were taken out of the boxes,revalidated and the bogus ones cast aside.
Fairness also requires that the unseated Governor Padaca comply with the order unseating her since the Comelec was convinced that cheating did happen, and the spurious ballots had to be invalidated, consistent with jurisprudence and electoral practice. The cheater must never benefit from these votes.
The pattern of cheating was established not only by the Comelec but by the revisors chosen to appreciate the contested ballots. Revisors for all parties were present, that is, revisors for Padaca were there as well.
Comelec commissioners can only be swayed to act with dispatched when evidence so warrants, and the case of Governor Benjamin Dy against Governor Grace Padaca presented a mountain of proof that showed her winning margin of 17,007 was spurious.
Shorn of these votes, Comelec found Dy winning the contest by 1,051 votes.

Armie said...

It is thus ministerial on the part of the Comelec to order Padaca’s unseating and it becomes a matter of course for her to comply with an order by an independent body mandated by the 1987 Constitution to ensure the conduct of clean, honest and free elections.
The commissioners were pressured, not by the lawyers of Benjamin Dy but by the gang of non-government organizations (NGOs), Liberal Party (LP) stalwarts and the rabid Padaca backers who are now finding malice in the decision.
They are now busy contriving a conspiracy theory, with Malacanang as the culprit and other defeated local candidates acting as the beneficiaries. They smell a rat but that rat is firmly ensconced in the minds of the saboteurs of peace in Isabela.
People with fertile minds, particularly those a mile removed from Isabela politics, now craft a theory that Padaca is being punished for aligning with the LP, the same theory advanced to explain the ouster of Bulacan Gov. Joselito Mendoza.
The Comelec order unseating Padaca did not materialize out of thin air. It was brought about by a thorough scrutiny of the ballots and the invalidation of ballots that were proven to have been accomplished by one or two men with golden arms. It was the product of adherence to the rule of law.
Padaca can no longer argue that the plea of Dy for the execution of the order pending appeal is premature and can not hold sway.
The Dy camp complied with the law and even tolerated the delaying tactics of Padaca’s group that caused the Comelec to defer action on the protest for the last eight months.
Padaca’s camp witnessed the revision of votes and their objections were heard and resolved in time.
Where is the so-called injustice here?
Padaca is not a Joan of Arc who is leading the campaign against a tyrannical political dynasty.
Rather, her debacle in 2007 was her undoing and the Joan of Arc of Isabela must remember that her sins from 2004 to 2007 caused widespread disenchantment and led to the voter’s dumping her in the May 2007 polls.
Padaca, for one, failed to equip and support the four public hospitals in Isabela along with the provincial hospital.
Her strange P5-million spending was also disallowed by the Commission on Audit (COA), which found no reason for the expense.
The Commission on Audit report showed that Padaca, between April 2 and May 2, 2007, has authorized , on atleast 35 occassions, the cash release of some P4.9million as “fund assistance” to her supporters.
The state auditing agency noted that these cash releases violated Section 104 and Section 261 of the Omnibus Election Code. Section 104 refers to prohibited donations by candidates while Section 261 refers to prohibited acts during the elections to include vote buying and the release of public funds during the campaign period.

Armie said...

The report, signed by the state auditor IV Beatriz Pataueg and Esperanza Baliton, noted that the COA has already sent 14 notices for Padaca to explain these disbursements but to no avail.
The last indorsement sent to Padaca, thru COA regional officer in charge, Atty. Elwin Gregorio Torres, was dated May 29, 2009 and so far, it is not clear whether Padaca has answered the COA’s demand.
The illegal disbursement of public funds is not good governance thus there is no tenable reason to allow unseated Padaca to occupy the office she has illegally usurped, as found by the Comelec.
She also caused the unseating of department chiefs at the provincial capitol and waged a hate campaign against local officials suspected of being loyal to the Dy family.
By now, the people should know that Padaca has four graft cases pending before the Office of the Ombudsman, including the misuse of funds on the few days leading to the 2007 elections.
She must leave the provincial capitol now.
We call every law-abiding Filipino to see the truth for what it is.
We congratulate the Commission on Election for standing firm and abiding by the truth despite the insurmountable pressure brought about by the reckless and wanton attacks perpetrated by Padaca’s camp, a clear sign of her desperation.
We beseech those who claim to be for truth and justice to accept what is genuinely true and genuinely just, not what they believe to be true and what they want to be just.
We, the real Isabelinos affected by the just, moral, righteous and honorable decision of the Commission on Elections pray that our countrymen see through our eyes and not through those who only claim to know our plight.

Isabelense said...

I like her She's a great woman. !

Yparraguirre said...

I'm proud of Govrnor Grace Padaca! Go go go Grace! Laban para sa Isabela!

Ondoy said...

Imbes po puro away at bangayan, magcharity works na lng po kayo para sa aming nasalanta para po may silbi naman kayo sa kapwa nyo. Siguro nga pinatunayan nyo na ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw, kaya kahit sino man ang mananalo ay aakusahan pa din ng pandaraya dahil hindi nyo matake ng isat-isa na may aagaw sa di naman kanilang pag-aari. Kung sino man ang nagmamalinis at manumpa sa harap ng bible at taumbayan at magsabi na kailanman di sya at ang kanyang angkan nakinabang o nagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan, sana agad syang tamaan ng kidlat dahil lahat as in lahat na pulitiko ay magnanakaw, nagkakaiba lng sa laki at dami ng ninakaw!

Anonymous said...

mga ibang nag co-coment dyan hindi naman botante ng Isabela kung umasta parang makakadagdag sa boto ng isang plastic na opisyal. sus mga supporters halos labas naman ng Isabela.

Anonymous said...

Narito po ang tunay na taga Isabela ang masasabi ko lang bakit kailangang magbangayan iisa tayo sa puso at sa diwa sana mag kaisa tayo para sa pag unlad at ikabubuti ng ating bayan alam ko mabuting tao si Governor Grace Padaca,at pinili sya ng tao, ng sambayanang Isabelinos harinawa ibalik sa pwesto.

Isabelense said...

Let's not wait for another Maguindanao Massacre. Can you see how these Dy-hard supporter speak? Just Amazing! Go Grace!

Anonymous said...

Isabelense: diba ang tunay na taga Isabela tawag ay Isabelino at hindi Isabelense? what does this mean? hmmm...

Pepe Cabrera said...

Merry Christmas sa Lahat, especially kay Gov.Grace Padaca!
Moving on....!

apo_isabelino said...

To: Isabelense
Hahaha nakakatawa naman na lahat nlang na issue na ngyayari dito sa Pilipinas sinasakyan nyo! Una, yung decision ng Comelec sa pagkatanggal ni Gov. Mendoza ng Bulacan. Pangalawa, dahil di pabor ang decision ke Gov. Grace, nabayaran ang Comelec. Pangatlo, nun lumabas ang decision ng Comelec, Malacanang ang me sala. In the first place, NPC si Gov Ben, under ni Danding Cojuangco. Hindi sya LAKAS Party…ka alayansa pa nga ni Gov. Grace ang regional head dati ng LAKAS na si Cong. Edwin Uy. Kung tutuusin, hindi ba dpat ang kampo pa ni Gov. Ben ang dpat mag duda sa Malacanang sa ngyaring dayaan? Kung me pinag aralan ka…mag isip isip ka naman Isabelense. Wag puro bitaw na masusupla ka.

Ngayon naman Maguindanao Massacre??? Hahaha parang end to end naman ata yun ah?! I’m sorry to say this pero me isip ka ba talga? Para kyong mga NPA(No Permanent Address) lundag dito, lundag doon sa mga issues na wala naman connection sa talagang issue dito. Ang issue dito ay nandaya si Gov. Grace. Bat di nyo nlang kaya I research at pag aralan mabuti ang mga detalyeng andyan sa harap nyo.

Ngayon ang issue sa Pilipinas, sumabog ang bulkang Mayon di ba? Ngayon, sumabog na din ang mga issues, true facts at mga kasong anti graft and corruption cases na naka file sa Office of the Ombudsman ni Gov.Grace for the misuse of public funds na ipinagkaiit ipaalam ni Gov. Grace sa buong mundo.

Truly amazing!!! Truly proud!!! Truly great!!! Truly inspiring!!! Go go go Gov. Grace nga!!! Ituloy mo ang laban…ang laban sa korte.

Yun lang ang masasabi ko.

Merry Christmas and A Prosperous
New Year to everyone!

Isabelense said...

Dami mo na ngang sinabi eh...!

N.F. Bedayo said...

The following was the message sent to my fb acct. by Kai Pastores regarding the latest on Gov. Padaca's motion filed before the Comelec:

Kai Pastores December 22 at 6:26pm Reply
Dear Friends,

After several emotional and stressful days following the release of the Commission on Elections’ resolution declaring Benjamin Dy as the winner of the 2007 Isabela gubernatorial race against incumbent Governor Grace Padaca, we can now take a moment to breathe a sigh of relief. The Dy camp’s motion for execution pending appeal was denied, allowing Gov. Padaca to continue as Isabela governor even as she appeals the COMELEC Second Division’s controversial decision.

In the course of five days, we, the friends and supporters of Gov. Padaca, have managed to raise funds for the publishing of a public statement declaring our support for her. The statement was signed by Filipinos from around the nation, including Isabelinos and overseas Filipinos. It was published in the Philippine Star last December 16, 2009 in a full page advertisement. A Tagalog version was also published in Abante the following day, December 17, 2009.

We also came out in support of Gov. Padaca on December 17 when hundreds of supporters from different groups held a peaceful rally in front of the Comelec office as the Second Division decided on the Dys’ motion for execution pending appeal. Among those who came were Gov. Padaca’s fellow Kaya Natin! Champion for Good Governance, Pampanga Gov. Ed “Among Ed” Panlilio, himself awaiting the COMELEC 2nd Division’s decision on the recount case in his province; Atty. Roberto “Bobby” Laurel, president of the Lyceum of the Philippines University where Gov. Padaca graduated as magna cum laude; Arch. Adonis Simpao, the official Liberal Party candidate going up against none other than Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in Pampanga’s second congressional district; running priest Fr. Robert Reyes, and YouTube star Mae Paner a.k.a. Juana Change.

Since December 12, people had been generously giving various amounts to fund the publication of the statement and the rally through bank deposits and cash donations. Governor Padaca and the leaders of Kaya Natin! have always been a champion of transparency and accountability, and as such, we would like to practice what we preach. Below is the summary of the donations we have received from December 12-18, 2009 as well as the expenses we have incurred for this cause.

TOTAL DONATIONS: Php 325,218.50

EXPENSES: Php 204,686.75


Noise Barrage (Dec 14, ADMU Gate 2.5) 186.75

Tarps 3,500

COMELEC Rally 12,000

Philippine Star full page ad 151,000

Abante full page ad 38,000

CASH ON HAND (for future activities): Php 120,531.75

As of December 19, 2009, we have officially turned over the remaining funds to Governor Padaca, which she advises to keep on hand for future activities related to the case.

On behalf of Governor Grace Padaca, we would like to sincerely thank everyone for believing in the truth and in the integrity of Gov. Padaca, for donating to our fight, and for upholding the standards of good governance not just in Isabela but in the entire Philippines. We hope that you will continue to support Gov. Padaca and our other Champions of Good Governance and Ethical Leadership as we continue to fight the good fight in our country.

We pray that God will reward your generosity a hundredfold!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kaya Natin,

Kai Pastores

Harvey Keh

N.F. Bedayo said...

Commenting on this post is now closed. Thanks for imparting your views. Merry Christmas to all!

N.F. Bedayo said...

My final words:
I have always believed in freedom of expression and opinion and duly appreciate all those who contributed their thoughts.

I have decided to keep all upcoming comments for moderation although none would be eventually published. As expected, a barrage of new comments came in comparative to a Mayonic explosion that sounded very desperate.

This particular group is hell-bent on destroying Grace Padaca as though she has no rightful place on earth. Some would even label her as the reincarnation of Satan, and I find this very offensive and cruel. As the army of lava spewers from one side obviously couldn't get enough, I was compelled to put more comments for moderation. And my decision does not tantamount to my being afraid of their so-called "truth".

We have countless other venues to express our thoughts in a more professional atmosphere and in a more level-playing field. At the end of the day, we are not the ones who could decide their fate but the concerned government bodies.

To all haters and moderates alike, allow me to greet you a happy Christmas, free from cynicism and wrath!

apo_isabelino said...

Just so you know that Gov Grace is all but lies...


*a copy released by the COMELEC last Jan. 5, 2010 regarding ORDER from the COMELEC 2nd Division with EPC No. 2007-67, given last Dec.17, 2007 and was signed by Presiding Commisioner Nicodemo Ferrer

Benjamin Dy(Protestant) vs. Ma. Gracia Cielo Padaca(Protestee)


When this case was called for hearing this morning on protestant’s Motion for Immediate Issuance of Writ of Execution, Atty. Maria Bernadette V. Sardillo appeared as counsel for the protestant while Atty. Maria Donna Guia Lerona-Camitan appeared as counsel for the protestee.

Atty. Sardillo manifested that with the protestee’s filing of her Opposition to protestant’s Motion for Immediate Issuance of Writ of Execution, the pending incident is now submitted for resolution. Moreover, she alleged that the protestant has not yet received a copy of protestee’s Motion for Reconsideration (MR), and that protestant will submit within the day his Manifestation showing that upon verification of the records of the Commission (Second Division), it appears that the Verification attached to the MR was defective as it was not properly notarized in accordance with the Notarial Law.

Atty. Camitan averred that protestee reserves the right to file her comment or opposition to protestant’s Manifestation, if so filed. Further, she undertakes to furnish protestant a copy of protestee’s MR within the day.

The parties interposed their manifestations and counter-manifestations on matters pending before the Divisions.

WHEREFORE, as agreed upon by both counsel, the protestee is hereby DIRECTED to furnish protestant a copy of her Motion for Reconsideration, through personal service, within the day. On the other hand, protestant is hereby given a period of three (3) days from receipt of protestee’s MR within which to file his comment or opposition thereto. Subsequently, protestee is given two (2) days from receipt of protestant’s Opposition within to file her Reply thereto. Thereafter, with or without said pleadings, the pending incidents shall be deemed submitted for resolution without further arguments.


Given this 17th day of December, 2009 at Intramuros, Manila

apo_isabelino said...

It is hard to accept the truth but there's your proof.

Don't be deceived by her looks.

yudarvish said...

The problem is no one believes in COMELEC. No one! They allowed Erap and Count Gloria to run for president and congressman, respectively.

And another problem is that Dy is a Gloria ally. Kung baga, kiss of death.

One of my friends is running for mayoralty in our town. The problem is that he is a Gloria ally too. So I decided not to vote for a mayor and leave the circles on that slot unshaded on May 10.

molo_ said...

i feel sorry for those people which are outside the province acts as if they know padaca so well...sobrang support nyo sa kanila...tpos inaaway nyo si maam armie...sasabihin nyo naninira sila...well..kung umaabot lang sana ang radios namin sa inyo...dhil dun naman lagi nagsasalita si padaca...mabubwisit lang kau dahil everyday of her campaign hindi nawawala ang paninira nya sa mga Dy's na walang basis...ok na sana sya...pero grabe syang manira ng ibang tao...on air...grabe...puro dada talaga...sana marinig nyo sya minsan sa radios...kayong mga kumakampi sa kanya...either magpapauto kayo...or pakinggan nyo mabuti laman ng sinasabi nya...puro isabela...would not agree to have a governor like that...

Armie said...

N.F. Bedayo - hello again sir, I am posting a link of the Gubernatorial Debate by Cong. Bodjie Dy and "You're inspiration" Grace Padaca. I hope you find time to listen to it and get to know "you're inspiration" better. I believe that you are an intelligent person, you'll be able to analyze the debate well.

molo_ - thanks so much for defending me sir/ma'am =)

Armie said...

Gubernatorial Debate at Bombo Radyo, May 1 by Cong. Bodjie Dy and Grace Padaca

Armie said...

Mr. Bedayo, I hope all is well. Just wanted you to hear an interview of Atty. Alben Burkley, mentor of Grace Padaca and one of the persons who orchestrated her 2004 candidacy.

Part 1:
Part 2:

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Silay City, Negros Occidental, The Philippines

Some of the photos above courtesy of Arnaldo Arnáiz Díaz

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