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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Lonely Christmas

"He has provided for us a mighty Saviour, a descendant of his servant David". -Luke 1:69.

For most of us OFWs in the Middle East, Christmas season comes and goes with less significance--although it is always a much anticipated time of the year.

In a country like Saudi Arabia, where Christmas celebration is strongly discouraged, you don't always get to see Christians especially Filipinos, gather in a festive mode. Christmas parties are normally held behind closed doors. But the good thing is, we Filipinos always find ways to gather to experience its spirit -- albeit in a quieter mode.

This time though, no invitations yet. Probably the problem is the venue. And some old friends have also moved to other parts of the kingdom. Some were on vacation, while others just disappeared.

Strange as it seemed, I received a call yesterday from one of our store managers a Yemeni, greeting me Merry Christmas (in English)! I replied to him jokingly, "I think you only wanted to be invited for a party and get drunk!" And true enough, he also wanted to experience the famous Filipino-style alcoholic indulgence, which I don't really approve of.

What I'm gonna do this Christmas by the way? The 24th and 25th fall on Thursday and Friday. And we naturally take offdays on weekends. Maybe will be shopping for some ingredients for spaghetti or pancit, just for the feel of Nochebuena. I am not really a big fan of carbs, so I guess I may not devour much of them.

But even while I write this post, I already lost my usual zest to write. I feel bored, my eyes fixated on ASAP 09. My mind doesn't cooperate. I just miss Christmas in my hometown. All my siblings will be holding a reunion. Not impossible though, they all live in one island.

The picture above was taken last year, when we were still excited to decorate our living room for Christmas. Those were recycled decors courtesy of our Ramadan window displays. Ironic, right?

And to all my friends and critics, (I'm getting more each day), I wish you all a blessed Christmas! Although we people, tend to forget who is the central figure of Christmas, He who authored the real essence of Christmas never forgets us.

We may find John 3:16 boring and old, but this beautiful verse is timeless, and the very same message that reminds us of God's great gift of salvation, through His son Jesus. We don't have to labor for it nor pay for it, we just accept it because it's a gift, and a gift is free. Ephesians 2:8-9 says," For it is by Grace that you have been saved, not from your own works, so that no man should boast."

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Pepe Cabrera said...

Parejo pa tayo ng ginamit na Retrato! Ha ha ha !

The Pope said...

In the midst of the global commercialism of Yuletide season where materialism is at its peak in the celebration of Christmas, may your words touch the lives of our Christian brothers -

"Although we people, tend to forget who is the central figure of Christmas, He who authored the real essence of Christmas never forgets us."

From the Arabian Gulf, may the blessings of the coming Holy Child be with you.

braggart_21 said...

Hello To, Merry Christmas! Nakalampuwas man kami sang paskwa diri sa Khobar ah. Sadya man grabe gasalakit amon tutunlan sang video-k hehehehe..

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