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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Serena On Top Down Under!

"The Williams sisters changed the facade of women's tennis with the power and sense of style they brought to the game, that without them, women's tennis is not what it is today."

Serena Williams has just captured her fifth title in Melbourne in the sweetest way possible, beating her archrival Justine Henin in a thrilling finale. She is now tied with Billie Jean King with the most number of grand slam titles with 12 apiece. Now the question as to who owns who, between these two tennis greats can be laid to rest. Serena was also able to defend her doubles title, along with sister Venus a night before. Serena Williams is indeed the queen of tennis.

Justine Henin's story on the other hand is nothing short of spectacular. In only her second tournament and a second final after coming out of retirement, she once again displayed her formidable form in court to shame higher ranked opponents. Her sublime backhand and ferocious forehand are being described by critics as the most beautiful in women's game.

The match started rather shaky for both women as this was the first time they met in a grand slam final. While it was evident that the full-packed crowd was rooting for Henin, the champion in Serena cannot be silenced. The unranked Henin was aiming to emulate compatriot Kim Clijsters, to win a grand slam while unseeded and unranked. But this time she has to be contented with the runner's-up trophy.

However, not everyone seems to be pleased with the outcome of the championship. All Williams haters suddenly came in droves, and inundated various sports forums with venomous racist rantings. These pathetic bigots are just so upset at the sight of a female African American, reasserting her dominance of a widely white-dominated sport. What is so appalling is that - even (white) inflated egos in America, lambast these terrific sisters who represent America no less. But there is no denying, the Williams sisters changed the facade of women's tennis, with the power and sense of style they brought to the game, that without them, women's tennis is not what it is today.

And to you Williams haters - this moment belongs to Serena and Venus Williams. Hit them hard with your racial slurs, call them apes and Congo dwellers! They would care less - they're immune to prejudice - they've been through a lot - and they're still up to the challenge! Your hatred will bring you nowhere, rather it only reinforces your reputation of being bereft of humanity, rotting with overflowing envy. The Williamses are here to stay! They are rich, beautiful and famous!

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Anonymous said...

I love these two sisters! It's my dream to emulate the double-fisted backhand of Serena. Sexy kasing tingnan.

(Un nga lang, sometimes I can't help but cringe whenever Serena goes berserk with her fashion sense especially kapag nasa court. But what do I know of fashion ba?).

Glad to learn that Serena won. Her game is not only her victory, but of those who are hurt by the prejudices of some people.

Your last paragraph rocks!

Pepe Cabrera said...

Hooray for Serena Williams!

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