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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why Does Manny Villar Dread To Face His Foes?

"The entire nation waited for their champion, to vanquish his 'supposed tormentors' - armed with his esteemed bravado - just quickly dissipated from view."

He did finally speak up. After much speculations that he wantonly avoids Senate grilling - for fear of facing his determined accusers - presidential candidate Senator Manny Villar had his moment. In his privilege speech, he spoke candidly of his just intent to mitigate the hellish traffic situation in the vicinity of C-5 extension - denying all allegations that he benefited from these transactions. His speech sounded very predictable, forceful yet defiant - and carefully crafted so as to sound scrupulous and heartfelt - at times invoking the poor to whom he is indebted and for whom he intended to serve.

The Senate today had put on a show. Our main protagonist is a presidential candidate, who in his bid to refute his accusers was alluding to his political nemeses - as the culprits behind this spectacle. He reiterated that this is nothing but a clear attempt to discredit him, and spoil his reputation, because he is doing well in surveys - claiming his humble beginnings had served as inspiration to the poor.

Senator Manny Villar in his speech, would conjure the gods just to underscore his "innocence" from all accusations leveled against him. He adamantly and repeatedly denies, that he and his corporations benefited from the C-5 project - although a 900-page dossier contains smoldering pieces of evidence that support the allegations. As expected, his speech would delve on the credibility and motive of his accusers, rather than clarifying an issue to prove his "innoconce". Strangely enough, he sounded to be in a campaign mode when at times he would blurt out in Tagalog, narrating his flight from humble beginnings to a successful businessman - to make him more identifiable with the poor, who tend to be credulously gullible to his "groanings".

What transpired was very strange though, as he refused to be interpellated during his speech. If Senator Villar was a true statesman, he could have seized the opportunity and shined brightly by facing his accusers head on - and vindicated himself if indeed he was innocent from all the accusations. Had he spoken the "truth", as opposed to what he branded as "politically motivated ploy" against him - he could have prevailed and consequently gained the trust and sympathy of the people, hence a plus factor for his bid for the presidency. But why in the world would he just disappear after his privilege speech?

This now infamous walking-out of Villar, has already put a dent to the reputation of the Senate as an institution - will subsequently be compounded by a no-show of all of Villar's Senate allies in the next session. Due to a lack of quorum, the Senate failed to vote on whether Villar is to be censured for unethical conduct in connection with the C-5 issue. The Senate allies of Villar's who deliberately prevented the course of justice to take its course, floutingly scoffed at our democracy and the nation's rights to know the truth.

These Senate hoodlums with apocryphal sense of entitlements, are convinced they don't owe the nation an apology. They only showed their true feathers. Behind their panache exhibited in the halls of Senate - also cohabits their stinking self-serving agenda. They just proved to the Filipino people, that their own interests are above the collective whole's. Time and time again, they failed the nation at the behest of political and financial ends.

These celestial names of righteous senators include the mother of all turncoats - Miriam Santiago, the unpredictable Loren Legarda, Alan Peter Cayetano, Pia Cayetano, Edgardo Angara, Joker Arroyo, Bong Revilla, Aquilino Pimentel and the Casper-like almost non-existent mute reelectionist Lito Lapid.

The Filipino nation at this critical time cannot just ignore the mystery shrouded over the C-5 controversy - not with a blink. One of the presidential frontrunners is the man who can shed light on this controversy, chose to perpetually shield himself from the fangs of truth. All the means and avenues are at his disposal, to enlighten the nation whom he owes his stature. The entire nation waited for their champion - to vanquish his "supposed tormentors" armed with his esteemed bravado - just quickly dissipated from view.

Is this the kind of leader we would want to reign over us? Or could this be an ominous warning of an imminent death of transparency and good governance should he gets elected? This demeanor of a presidential frontrunner that derides seekers of truth - in my opinion, has no place in my conscience and therefore has no place in my ballot. As a Filipino, duly empowered to vote, I swear to be wise with my choices -that not even a shred of dubious character and stain of corruption is appended to my candidates.

As part of OFW diaspora worldwide - credited with driving the economy forward - I have the same aspirations that in this election may we vote for the right candidate who could bring our faith back to the government - a government free from corruption, injustices, and self-serving interests. Though this may be remotely possible - with the prevalence of money-politics - coupled with voters' immaturity - whose vote can be swayed by short-term benefit - I don't lose hope that everyone can still be a catalyst for change if we start to do what is expected of us. One thing is certain though - from an optimist point of view - change is possible if we give change a chance.

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Pepe Cabrera said...

Sana lahat ng botante matutong tumimingin at sumuri sa tunay na nangyayari. Naniniwala akong mayroong anomalia na nangyari regarding sa C5 roadway project.

Manny Villar should have faced this as a man. Lagi nalang siyang may mga protector sa senado, especially yang si senator Cayetano at Miriam D. Santiago.

'wag nating sayangin ang pagkakataon na ito. Iboto natin kung sino ang tingin natin ay makakatulong sa lahat, hindi lamang sa kaonti.

Anonymous said...

And that's what we're going to get when -- God forbids -- he is elected as the next President. Tatahimik lang s'ya. Tutal, sabi siguro nya, madaling makalimot ang Pilipino. Tsaka they always go for the underdog. So kung tatahimik ako, I would be perceived as 'api' and therefore will get most of the sympathies.

He learned it from Gloria.

All I wish for in 2010 Elections is that we elect someone who could really bring us back our faith in the government. Then perhaps a better change will have a chance.

braggart_21 said...

The Senate is not the right venue for Villar. It's stinking with politics. Where in the world can you see the accussers are the prosecutors and are also the judges??? the Philippine Senate lang.

Anonymous said...

During the elections I told my cousins, mom and friends that if this guy won I would leave the Philippines until a new president is elected. Buti na lang hindi sha nanalo.

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