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Friday, December 24, 2010

In The Thick Of It: Blue Christmas

"Never regret anything that has happened in your life, it cannot be changed, undone or forgotten so take it as a lesson learned and move on." - Unknown
I cannot explain what my insides feel like when Christmas is looming large at my doorstep. With certain responsibility falling on my shoulder, I feel helpless being helpless. Yes, at some point in our lives we do stupid things and make stupid decisions as well. Crying over spilled milk will do no help nor lessen the burden you carry. Things may be that sweet at a glance. Your whole being is gravitated towards a rare gem that has a tongue of honey; and you are cast under its spell. Until you realize you suddenly snapped. Then go figure why things do not seem to be what it seemed to be.

I don't get stressed about things that other people might. What I do let get under my skin are things like deadlines, bills, unnecessary throw-aways, wasted efforts, cunning minds taking advantage of the gullible, and  even Christmas traditions, among other things, that fall heavily on my mind.  But does it make any difference if December happens to be a Christmas month? Yes and no. It does because this month happens to be my tightest, and it falls on Christmas. No because Christmas has to pass anyway before we welcome another year filled with hope. Eye staring down at the negatives helplessly tore at me and made me wish away each passing day, and oh yes even on Christmas day.

Seriously though, I said way back when I started this endeavor, that I was excited to see what I would become at the end of this road and how would the experience change me. I hoped then that it would be for the better. As long as I can accept the lessons that life is throwing my way, and learn from them ... truly learn from them, I can say with certainty that this is for the better. Lessons learned indeed are a gem that adds to the pearl of wisdom drawn from the experience of life's adversity. I hope peace on earth will still have a chance. Merry Christmas everyone!


YanaH said...

and lessons are always learned the hard way.... what may be a burden to us now.. can become a grace or can be a "light" in the future for us which can help us to fulfill our mission.. we may encounter lots of glitches and twitches along the way, but what the heck, its what makes us stronger.. so, i say. we hold on.. some more.. hold on to Him.. hold on to our faith.. hold on to ourselves..

(I am actually telling all these to myself right now)

Merry christmas kuya!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Nelson.

It's still 1124pm in Kuwait so I'm not, time-wise, late.

If you're feeling blue -- I mean, really blue, and not just feeling dramatic over certain things (which incidentally is so me during Christmas), do the usual: pray.

This I promise you (ayan na naman...), I'll come often to read you, and I honestly look forward to hearing you blue no more.

(Padating na rin naman ang Pebrero, so let's be red -- in love, not in anger).

NFB said...

@ Yanah, merry christmas! Im just a little blue not very blue hehe. Thank you for the words of wisdom. Have a blessed new year to you and God bless.

@ Nebz, naligaw ka yata hehe. Msta na Nebz ano na news jan sa kuwait. Dont wori im turning red ngayon pa lng :-) Merry christmas and a blessed new year to u!

Francesca said...

para lang sa mga nag me menopause like me ang feeling blue, haha.

I share my blue moments also, and it is one thing that I would like to have from husband, that he promised to give in, but for three months now, nothing.

I cannot blog about it, so im stucked, brroooooding about it.

Im not for christmas,kahit wala yan sa calendar, I can move on, but, i only wanted to have some security from Husband, and 3months of patience,still nothing!


daanin na lang sa tagay!!! lol sino sasama?


Ganun katindi, hahaha!

NFB said...

Hahaha ganun katindi france? Tagayan na nga lang. eh wala naman kase rito sa saudi ganun, patago meron pero restricted hehe :-)

Tiyak ansaya ng pasko at new year snow :-)

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