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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Call It Plain Stupidity!

"If this is not plain stupidity, then what?"

This isn't just fair. A fellow OFW was apprehended and detained on December 31, 2009 in Qatar. His crime - he is a suspect in a road rage murder that took place in the Philippines.

The murder happened in the evening of November 18, 2009 in Manila. The victim was the son of a Cabinet Assistant Secretary, thus a high profile case. The alleged assailant was Jason Aguilar Ivler. He is the nephew of the singer Freddie Aguilar. Ivler is an American citizen.

Meanwhile, the arrested OFW in Qatar is named Jason Aguilar, working as a welder who came to Qatar barely two months ago. Obviously this is a case of mistaken identity and for his part this is the cost of his being a "namesake" of the real criminal.

Since the name Jason Aguilar Ivler has already been on the Red Notice List of the Interpol, he can be arrested abroad and deported back to the Philippines at any time. And this is what the Qatari authorities did. They apprehended the namesake of the real murderer, and the poor OFW is headed back to the Philippines on January 7.

So now, let us commend the concerned authorities for a job well done. We should give credit to whom it is due. First and foremost, the NBI, for inspite of firmly believing that Ivler is just hiding somewhere in the Philippines, they were able to alert the Interpol for their cooperation.

Second, the Qatari authorities who were so passionate with their jobs, that they were able to apprehend and detain the purported "criminal" right in their own turf.

And third the DFA and the DOLE, for being clueless as to their functions in this case, wherein a poor and similarly clueless OFW became a hapless victim of this hugely atypical stupidity.

I just cannot comprehend how this was being done to an unsuspecting victim, by an humongously imbecilic minds in the NBI and the Interpol. Whatever protocol is being observed by them, as though an entire novel can be ruined by a mere misuse of comma for a semi-colon, then the poor welder must suffer the consequence!

According to Qatari authorities, the poor OFW has been cleared already, but nonetheless he will be deported back to further ascertain his identity. What an exponential idiocies!

And moronic? No scarcity from it:
1. Jason Aguilar the OFW, is never a namesake of the real criminal. The criminal carries Ivler as his family name, Aguilar is only his mother's maiden name.
2. Granting they are namesakes as the NBI would call it, what about all the 181 Jason Aguilars on Facebook alone?
3. Ivler is an American citizen and never a Filipino. His features are more of a Caucasian.
4. The crime took place in the evening of November 18, 2009. While the poor OFW left the country in the morning of the same date.
5. The NBI confidently suspects that the criminal Ivler is still in the country.

So what the hell are you doing to this poor OFW, who was detained since December 31 last year and spent his new year at the detention? Why no one would come to rectify this monumental blunder? If this is not plain stupidity, then what? Protocol? SOP?

And what happens next to this poor man? Why is it still necessary for him to be deported? After he gets deported, will he ever be allowed to come back to his job? Will the Philippine government extend help to him? How are they going to compensate for this man who could lose his job and help him start anew?

This is just bad, unfair, plain stupid, irrational, illogical, wrong, out-of-order, unconscientious, inhumane, imbecilic, idiotic, moronic, foolish, unChristian-like, unIslamic...yet perfectly legal!

To Jason Aguilar, I am just furious at the predicament you are in. I really am. I realize though, it pays to have an uncommon surname like mine. Something that I should be grateful of.

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Jules said...

This is really sad. That Jason Aguilar should be compensated for all this mess...

Anonymous said...

Scary, isn't it? And yes, plain stupid and just like what you said, perfectly legal.

Everyone did their job (overdid it in fact!. Infuriating talaga ang pagka-OA!).

I hope the government helps Jason. He deserves something better for his and his family's unjustified sufferings.

Anonymous said...

The poor guy should be compensated! He deserves none of what he's gone through.

Ang tanga-tanga naman ng mga awtoridad natin! Obvious naman talaga na mukhang Kano ang suspect, tapos i-aaresto nila ang walang kamuwang-muwang na si Jason.

'Yan ang mga taong masarap i-backhoe, hehehe

Desert Aquaforce said...

It's STUPIDITY to the highest degree. No wonder a country that claims a high functional literacy rate has lots of morons especially at the higher echelon of leadership.
Jason Aguilar must be compensated back for our leaders' ignorance!

The Pope said...

When I read this news two days back I was really shocked, his working visa cancellation means that for the next 24 months he is banned from working in Qatar.

I wonder who should be blamed for this stupidity, I believed that the cancellation of his visa and deportation could have been avoided if the Phil. Embassy in Qatar and DFA in Manila has acted swiftly and positively to avoid this kind of embarrassment.

And I strongly believed that this is done purposely by the Government offices involved with the blessings of Malacanang to please the father of the victim, a way of saying "Hey, don't lose hope, we are in still in control, we are hunting your son's killer, next time will get the real killer."

So people out there who are who are identified and using the name "Jason Aguilar" irregardless of its family name, beware, you might be the next to be person arrested and humiliated in TV, at least you get a 10 minutes fame in TV and tabloid.

Noel Ablon said...

I can imagine how that Jason Aguilar feels after 2 months of being away from the family and spending his first Christmas and New Year in a foreign country and his New Year just became worst.

The saddest moment for an OFW was always his first year (1 whole year he'll feel homesick). 2 months is still in his homesick period and yet he has to overcome it with another mishap. The poor fellow just became a victim of plain STUPIDITY to the tenth power.

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Pepe Cabrera said...

It's a pity that all the government could say is SORRY.

Ivler's mom was reported to have offered to shoulder the placement fee for Jason Aguilar, which I think is very insulting.

The best thing she could do this time is to surrender her son to the authorities and face the court of law.

Anonymous said...

Congrats sa bago mong bahay. Bagay sa yo. Can't wait to see what JVC's new house will look like!

JOSÉ MARIO said...


Anonymous said...

,amputa talaga ang awtoridad d2 sa pinas!! stupid tlga!!

Anonymous said...

Anak ng pating pagminalas ka nga naman oo. This is not the fault of freddie aguilars sister or that ivler fella, kagagawan ito ng kapabayaan ng gobyerno. Why do they have to wait for the Qatari authorities to be deported when they knew that ivler was just hiding in her mothers house? grabe ito - nakakaawa naman yun kababayan natin.

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