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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Will his fame be an asset or liability?

"They say a coin has always two sides and that's beyond argument."

I'm just curious, do these lolas really gloat on seeing Willie in person? Eighty or ninety year-old something lolas sometimes weep while hugging Willie. He must be a god on TV! The magic without question is so obvious.

I really don't have a piece to write. I just can't keep from laughing! Today his guests are the OPM singers such as Rico J, Marco S, Nonoy Z and the likes of Eric Santos. And mind you, he even takes a swipe at how these icons fared bad with their album sales compared to his. Rico J was quick though to rebutt saying he really wanted to figure out how to copy Willie's amazing voice. Funny huh!

Till now it remains a mystery whether Willie is going to throw his hat on the political arena. More than a month from now we will come to know. He certainly could be a big factor in Manny Villar's candidacy. Multitudes of Willie's fans would surely not fail him. To them, he is a symbol of hope and a better future. He would certainly fight for their interests and well-being because he is pro-poor; judging from his compassionate face while engaging the contestants in the normally 'over-acting yet heart-piercing' segment Willie of fortune.

They say a coin has always two sides and that's beyond argument. I wish there is no other side of him. But do you think his antics of intimidation to his staff will not go unnoticed? The downside with us TFC subscribers is that more than twice we could chance upon watching Wowowee on a daily basis. And everyday there is new spontaneous 'kabastusan' or rudeness and arrogance or maybe some sort of bullying that are way off-limits. Some helpless victims especially the dancers would just blush while putting up a brave smile which is imperative of them. He would always pick on them on any given situation. I think a schooled and a little educated normal human being will be able to dissect what I am talking about.

As a citizen of the Philippines I think it is also my prerogative to say what I ought to say. My thoughts are my thoughts and I am entitled to it. I may not represent the collective sentiments of all but it is my wish that we have the same passion for the well-being of our country. And it is my conclusion that any candidate who jumps on the popularity of a celebrity and uses them to his advantage is deemed a trapo.

What about the orange infomercial on the TFC at the expense of the distressed OFWs? And it is paid for by friends? Who do they think they're fooling? My boss before had told me that leaders may be good or bad but they are leaders and we ought to obey them. Okay fine! That makes sense. So the collective consequence is borne by questions asked!

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion, wowwowweee is the WORST show on Earth. It's got arrogance, lewdness, mawkishness and whatever all served on a tray they call entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I was saddened when people had to lose their jobs because the show folded. There were some schoolmates of mine who worked there. Somehow that was the only setback. But at least now they can move on and be in a better show or have a host like Robin *swoons* ( I would pay to work for that show just for that chance)

Willie is a sick man. We all need to accept this. And he is not fit to be on television. He is a threat to people's well-being and intelligence.

It's sad that ABS didn't realize it sooner that this man would bring them so much shame. They have given him so many chances and he has tried to lord over them so many times. It's so embarrassing to call him a Filipino because we do not exploit the situations of others to gain fame and fortune.

Sure he is hardworking but he reaps the rewards, doesn't he. The man has no tact and he is a lonely sonofa...He knows that at the end of the day, he is in his own sick head, his worst critic and only fan.

He has charisma, sure. But he used it for personal gain. That is my two cents.

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