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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Before It's Too Late... [Blog Action Day 2009]

"Waste segregation, cutting down on personal carbon emission, cutting down on electric consumption or planting trees on our backyards are but few simple things that we are capable of doing."

Time is not on our side in this battle. We might be too disconnected from the things we normally don't get into. But could this be too late for us to appease our nemesis? Don't we really have a choice but to confront our oppressor? Folks, when Nature is on her smashing spree we don't seem to be aware that as a collective entity we are the ones responsible for all these unimaginable destruction that has befallen us. Nature will have her own way of reminding us that we could have been spared had we taken time nurturing her.

Humanity in general has been so preoccupied with things beneficial to him. Everything that has been created and invented is for man's use and comfort. Rich nations and poor alike benefit from technology that seems peaceful but in the end has a negative impact on our nature. The greatest polluters in the world notably the US and China are not doing enough to alleviate the global effect of the change in climate pattern. As a result, the collective effect is being borne by all. Why can't they do anything about it? To just ignore the tangible change in earth's landscape is a sheer arrogance by the rich nations. The rapid melting of the ice sheets in the North and South Pole, and the rising sea level are just scary scenarios our gut would surely recognize as impending threats to humanity. But why are we too slow to act? Because our greed and selfishness are just too strong to resist!

Poor countries are likely the most susceptible to the effects of climate change. Just like the Philippines which has recently borne the brunt of typhoons with devastations not seen in living memory. The floodings in the Metropolitan Manila can be roughly compared to the Great Flood of the century. The sight of people from all walks of life rich and poor alike being swept away is a horrifying scene; proof that the wrath of nature this magnitude is not just fiction. It happens when we think it's least possible to happen. And the destruction that it could cause may take several years to rehabilitate much less to restore.

Each one of us has his or her own contribution to the climate change therefore it is only fitting and proper that all of us should be active in neutralizing its adverse effect. Waste segregation, cutting down on personal carbon emission, cutting down on electric consumption or planting trees on our backyards are but few simple things that we are capable of doing. Anything that is a factor to climate change should be in a spotlight and let's start figuring out what we can do to combat its impact. We can start so doing by teaching our young people, our peers and immediate relatives very basic ways on how to care for our environment. After all we are only steward of this great gift, a shared gift meant to pass on to the next generations to come.

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Anonymous said...

When I was in LB, Laguna studying in UPLB the mayor was an environmentalist. He pushed for so many ordinances that shaped his city's awareness.

Now, dry goods are put in recycled newspaper bags rather than plastic bags. Even the fastfood outlets had to follow the rule. Styrofoam containers almost disappeared.

The Carbon footprint that had been decreased by that single ordinance gives me hope.

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