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Monday, December 5, 2011

A Tale Of Two Beauties

"None is righteous, no, not one." - Romans 3:10

Finding Facebook and other social media steaming hot over the past few days with the Piolo-KC and Mo-Rhian sagas that almost killed off the laughable  "putting a tiny tot to sleep forever"  sort-of-plot buzz did not only amaze me; yes, I even see myself now tapping my thoughts together into a post. Would you believe that? Anyway, I can only imagine which obvious pair from the duos gets the sympathy, and the obvious half passed off as evil. I have read substantially enough to know the pulse and not be so surprised at the reactions. Guess what, the immoral label is readily tagged to a villain aka fetus murderer, and  what more to an unforgiving homophobic society's wrath on a celebrity's hunky image that turned out (allegedly) to be the biggest hoax ever - next to the vomit-inducing assertion of a purported Ampatuan innocence?

On KC - Piolo saga:
Why a flurry of criticisms on Piolo as though the man owes every Filipino an apology  for ditching such a desirable woman? Why every gossip-mongering citizen especially feels entitled to force him to parade his skeleton in public? Just because he ruined the libidinal fantasy of the third kind from this confirmation? On people hell-bent to hammer him against the wall till he declares to the world that he willfully swallowed the stone or Ding forcefully shoved it down his throat, is totally beyond me, and that's not just right. If early in his career Piolo did a Bebe Gandanghari, would the public actually adore him for everything that he is made of? Sort of unthinkable for Piolo to shed his macho image, get rid of those muscles till he pass for a worthy torchbearer for anorexic community and strutting around in red stilettos and thick lipstick and go around telling the world that the old persona is dead.

Whether there is truth to it, most people would be so frustrated not to see him come out of his closet and duplicate Bebe's exploits. Not even in this lifetime, I bet. But still the question remains:  is the frenzied public which has successfully nailed him on the cross ready to forgive him for his  'transgression'? And who are these 'righteous' to demand he satisfies their whims at the expense of him getting flogged so that they gloat over in victory? God knows people don't care about his predicament. But still he is left with no choice but to shrug off taunting eyes that feast on his agony. Sadly, what's all the more telling is that people seem to live off on the misery of others. To them, they play the role on how society works, how to shape the norm - to be yourself, that is, and that you cheat them when you're acting out what you are not. But wait till  tabloids banner news of  philandering celebrities if it appeals to them. Not even a snout even if one sired three quarters of a hundred progeny. It is a requirement though when your estrogen level outweighs your testosterone: the public expects a revelation party anytime soon or else you're rewarded public flogging if the delay takes forever.

On the other hand, I have only sympathy for KC for her heartbreak, but cashing in on her vulnerabilities on national television did not help her cause either. She wins outright sympathy for her 'underdog' narratives: a prize accorded to the oppressed helped by compassion-induced tears and occasional daffy demeanor. She could be easily perceived as a classy intelligent woman who could have risen above her circumstances. But  what I see in the interview is a desperate woman, who unconsciously falls into a trap of a cunning and manipulative interviewer by urging her on to wash her dirty laundry in public, albeit the subtle way. People have different opinions on the matter, though  Piolo  obviously is at a disadvantage. My take on this is, when a woman announces that a man is incapable of giving the very basic needs of a woman, what comes to mind of every forthright sane individual is only one thing - sex. As though she wants to keep a little decency for herself, the public was made to make a wild guess that even kindergartens have staked their claims to the prize. 

The public loves this kind of drama: a macho hunk outed from his closet by his woman - the culprit being his inability to satisfy her. Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming public sympathy for her is not due to her being sex-deprived but because he cheated her for another man. This is the kind of drama most people would love not to ignore. With time, the moral landscape of any given society has greatly evolved,  and this contributes to people readily accepting premarital sex as a norm that is widely acceptable. Ordinary people look up to showbiz personalities as their models and this is what society gets: premarital sex that sometimes leads to abortion, nursing mothers barely out of puberty, and poor illiterate kids doomed to fail in life even before they reach their life's potential.

The Mo - Rhian predicament:
This is a classic sad tale involving the butcher of a fetus. It is horrible that an innocent child gets a death sentence for being a threat to its mother's blossoming career.  She is on top of her game and getting pregnant is never an option. Then she did the unthinkable. The father of the child seems genuinely disturbed by his conscience for playing the role of reluctant accomplice, and so the confession video surfaces. In here, there's no dearth of moral vanguards who are quick to label the culprit as evil and permanent inhabitant of a place that overflows with sulfur and brimstone. Unfortunately for the culprits, the stench of their deeds will not be  contained for eternity just as they would have wished it to be, until truth finds its own way out.

Putting up a brave face and singing her heart out on a Sunday show while consciously aware of the world bashing her in unison, elicited applause for her brand of bravery; either way people did cringe at the sheer lack of compunction. Sometimes people  tend to be irrational and unforgiving yet living off on another's predicament for a fodder. They always crave for gossips that tickle their ears, often feasting on other people's predicament. Indeed there's no free ride to fame, for you pay what you owe and reap what you sow - and that's part of the deal.

Still people wonder how does she cope with her new-found fame after the turmoil. In showbiz, everything revolves around money and fame, yes even for a wrong reason, so she has not much to weep for, as long as she has what it takes. Of course, people close to her and those who are cashing in on her image have plenty of encouraging words to offer. She's a total package and a face to die for, so seeing her career fade anytime soon is not what seers have predicted. But would that be enough to appease her conscience?

Personal Thoughts:
It's a pity that very few people find the solution to their agony because money, pleasure and reputation are what they value the most. They forgot that there is something of greater value that lasts for eternity compared to the temporal things that only last for a time and then vanish quickly. People are so blinded by fame and fortune that they believe these are the only things that matter. It's sad to know how people can be so clueless that we have a just and righteous God to whom we will give account of ourselves for everything that we have done. He is such a loving God that despite all our filthiness and stench of our deeds reaching Him, still He loves us and is able to forgive us. The Bible clearly says that we all have sinned and come short of His glory and there is none righteous, not even one. That is such a sad state of every human being that we ought not to condemn others for the speck in their eyes for there is only one righteous God who judges us. He only wants us to humble ourselves and repent and turn back from our sins and accept His offer of salvation  through His son Jesus.

All man's possessions such as money, fame, power and good reputation will not last forever. Jesus clearly warns us that, "for what profit is it for a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?" People need Jesus because what He can offer is much more of greater value than all the riches of this world combined. But what makes people reject Him is the life of sin that they cannot repudiate. Yet His grace is abundant and people find it if they seek it, but not until when it's too late. If only people experience the peace that surpasses all understanding, and that can only be found through Jesus who readily gives it to those who will call out to Him.


Nebz said...

Thus I don't watch tv. Hehe.
The lesser evil I know, the better. And thank you, Nels, for your personal thoughts. I do agree with you a hundred and one percent.

Esoy said...

Merry Christmas Nebz! Naligaw ka na naman dito sa bahay ko hehe, salamat sa dalaw.

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