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Monday, July 19, 2010

PEBA 2010: Focus On Strengthening OFW Families

"Earthquakes can't shake us, hurricanes can't break us, cyclones can't take away our love."

Strengthening OFW families as this year's PEBA theme is timely, and an emphatic admission that failed marriages has gotten to the forefront of social cancer maligning an OFW family. The call to strengthen the very basic unit of society is a necessity to underscore the importance of a strong family ties that defines a prosperous nation.

Working abroad to fulfill your dreams for your loved ones is paramount among all OFWs. No man in his right senses would ever leave his family for a job in another country. That used to be the norm but not anymore. As an OFW myself, I would rather be away from my loved ones than we stay together, and die together. Anyway, economic  reason tops our agenda why we leave our family back home. The benefits are just tremendous.  All these benefits however come at a price. And sometimes the price proves too costly. In the end, an OFW may have achieved his dreams economically, but if unfortunate, his family could also fall apart.

The call to strengthen an OFW family may be a noble one. But this effort may sound boring and futile to some who have been in real situations  for a variety of reasons. One may protest, "it is not as easy as  preaching to the transgressors without getting to the bottom of the transgression". Another would say, "before you throw judgment,  fill my shoes, then and only then you could understand why we are in this situation".

Philandering, as the PEBA president announces, is the main culprit why an OFW family crumbles to pieces. Infidelity among married couples knows no dispensation, and is expected to outlive even the strongest brands such as Coke and Microsoft. But does it say of our compatriots' propensities to illicit affairs when away from their spouses? My good judgment is yes. I've seen and known them. Plenty of them. And some readily smarting out their rationale, "life is a gift meant to be enjoyed and shared with" - even if it is the wrong partner. Having said that, I am in no way vilifying the "lonely hearts" brigade, neither I am validating this kind of behavior.

Our family always tops our priority. We persist to exist even at times when we almost refused to - and the reason is them. We at times choose not to narrate our sad stories to keep them from worrying about us. That we subsist on Indomie, and scour for a five-riyal shirt at a flea market in downtown Khobar, or fighting with a Panda Hypermarket cashier who slaps you with a Batook chewing gum, when you actually prefer your fifty-halala change - is beyond them. That says of our sacrifices for them. But sacrifice is only acceptable and valid when made out of good intentions. And we don't think twice to make them repeatedly for their sake. This intention with all its nobility can however go down the cliff when the rope that binds them together snaps.

Every OFW family deserves the sweetest reward of reaping the fruits of their sacrifices. For no amount of material and temporal things will ever equate with the beauty of an intact family. A hefty bank account, a modest house, or the most flashy gadgets play only second fiddle to the glory of having a complete family. Just like our own Charice preaching  in her pyramid analogy, so is the importance of the relationship in the family. "Earthquakes can't shake us, hurricanes can't break us, cyclones can't take away our love", says the song. Comes a mini-Ondoy and everybody drowns, because they forget to take the fridge off their back.

As the OFW family gets the monopoly of the spotlight this year, the well-being of every OFW and his family back home tops the agenda of PEBA. Kudos to the PEBA people  for putting together an endeavor of great substance, especially the PEBA president (Desert Aquaforce), who did a great job in sending his message across that serves as eye-opener. The reality he put forth is too powerful to ignore. Credit also goes to the witty post by Mr. Thoughtskoto  for gently prodding bloggers, to show some support by blogging about the theme, that had me rushing and tapping at my laptop in no time to create a few paragraphs for PEBA theme. Way to go guys! We support and salute you all!


Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

Thank Nelson! Actually, while reading this akala ko, entry na, kabog, kabog, kabog ang dibdib ko. Plug-in pa lang pala! Salamat po! As always, napabelieve ako. pahiram ng thoughts and power of expression even n a day? hehe

The Pope said...

Is this a prelude to a bigger entry?
You always amaze me Nelson, that's we keep on coming back for more...

Looking forward for your PEBA 2010 entry... inspire an OFW family and you inspire the world. GBY.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Now i know what brand can supposedly beat up coke and microsoft in the longevity race. Nice take :)

Maria Mcclain said...

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