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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Send Arnel To Jail!

"At the end of the day, everyone thinks and agrees that it is not the way the rendition sounded, but the sense of pride and honor manifested in how the singer performed it."

Here we go again people! This controversy doesn't seem to see its end. I think everytime the Philippine National Anthem is sung at every Pacquiao match, the National Historical Institute or NHI doesn't blink a bit to keep watch of any "transgression" a performer would commit. Poor Arnel, before his plane lands at NAIA, the NHI people had already deliberated to file a case against him. That is what we call "passion beyond reason."

I can't help but applaud the NHI people for their unparalleled patriotism, indicating they are very well alive and never into slumber as they vigorously safeguard the dignity of our National Anthem. No, I'm not being sarcastic! Instead of us criticizing them, please understand that they are just doing their job. But wait a minute! What has happened to the previous offenses by Charice, Martin Nievera et al? Were they sued for their crimes? Hmmm...I can see some lapses here. They should have been punished for "desecrating" our "Lupang Hinirang"!

According to the NHI, these offenders have violated Section 37 of R.A. 8491 or the 1998 Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines, which states that the national anthem whether played or sung, should be in accordance with the original composition of Julian Felipe, which follows a marching-type beat. Violation carries a fine of at least twenty thousand pesos and an imprisonment of not more than one year.

So here we go! It is quite clear there was an offense and a corresponding punishment. So what the heavens are you waiting for NHI? Go and get them! Do not delay! People need to know that our law is not toothless. If this is not enforced as soon as possible, similar violations or shall we say similar crimes are bound to happen in future. Let's not forget the biggest boxing maniacs in Hollywood will not stop unless Pacquiao gets the arrogant Mayweather on the ring. 

Then if you can't, why froth on television about this so-called irreverence of our national anthem?  Don't let also this brave Jennifer Bautista off the hook for singing the funniest version of national anthem, with her monumental off key rendition that gave the Mexicans some sort of redemption. That one can be considered a gross violation. And what about Christian Bautista? He slaughtered the national anthem with its quickest rendition in history.

The NHI has all the necessary tools to apprehend violators  at their disposal. So what makes it unable to enforce the law? Is there something that keeps them from netting these quacking un-patriots why this  endless acrobatics of the rendition doesn't seem to halt? Why after a flurry of complaints, still the R.A. blah blah doesn't stand in the way of would be violators? What does it manifest? They're inutile? I didn't say that. I just heard it. And if so, revise it! So simple. The law is being violated. No cases filed against the violators. Apocalyptic condemnation is all what you can hear from the NHI. For what?

If they only heard how various artists in the U.S. perform the "Star Spangled Banner" in their own versions, one would say which is which? Yes, we are not Americans. And not even close to their sense of patriotism. But they don't make a fuss over this triviality. Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston, all sang very distinct versions and only gained praises, without threats of them going to jail. Imagine that? And Marvin Gaye's rendition? That was preposterous! What about Charice singing the Star Spangled Banner at a baseball game in L.A.? Was it not tantamount to being unpatriotic?

I have one relevant advice though to the NHI, to ensure there will be no future violations of the sanctity of our national anthem - to cajole if not coerce future performers into signing a contract stipulating that  the original Julian Felipe arrangement is to be followed. Without the contract, they will not be allowed to leave the country.  And if they still violate the terms in a slightest manner, don't let them come back. Absurd? Not at all! Quickie remedy for a perpetually frothing NHI. Dig?

At the end of the day, everyone thinks and agrees that it is not the way the rendition sounded, but the sense of pride and honor manifested in how the singer performed it. But since we have a law that dictates how it is to be performed, then let's go back to the basic - obey the law! Jail the offenders! If they can't, revise the law before Mommy Dionesia prevails in getting the Pacman retired!

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Anonymous said...

I've got to watch Arnel's video when I get home tonight.

There are only two things to do: Let's totally scrap the 1998 Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines. Or let's jail all the offenders. (So I guess, Noynoy will be one of them huh. Or even the one featured in our PEBA award-winning photo.)

Laws naman talaga are toothless in the Philippines. Ironically, the powerless are the only ones who get punished for breaking our laws. Ung mga mayayaman at nasa kapangyarihan, they always go scot-free.

Pépe Cabréra said...

Those singers obviously sung the "Lupang Hinirang" with respect and patriotism.

And I don't think singing our anthem differently from what the law stipulates is being disrespectful, but actually the opposite. I'm proud of our singers!

The Pope said...

There are only two scenarios that can happen here, either Arnel Pineda goet to jail for breaking the law OR send the NHI Director to jail for NOT DOING ANYTHING except for the free media exposure they are getting while blabbering on national TV. These is one of the useless Gov't Office that enjoys the peoples' taxes.

Anonymous said...

Finally heard it, and all I can ask Arnel was: Why?

Had he stayed with the original ending, d sana hindi na sya pumiyok?

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