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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank You Chileans For The Spirit And Lessons Learned!

"I'm very happy for all the beautiful things that were done for us. I'm very excited to be up here again. I am proud to be Chilean and proud of my president", says one rescued miner.

What the world has just witnessed is a testament to an incomparable strength of human spirit manifested in the face of hopelessness. Today all 33 miners who were trapped underground in a mine in Chile have been successfully hoisted to safety. Their ordeal that lasted 69 days is considered to be the longest ever recorded in history and the most succcessful too. Today I join with the rest of the conscious world in rejoicing for this miracle that no one thought possible. I am happy for the families of the rescued miners who must be very overjoyed and grateful for seeing their loved ones alive and well.

For days, I've been closely monitoring this worldwide spectacle of human resilience and fortitude rarely seen in real life. As the rest of the conscious world were glued to the unfolding drama on television, I had only hopes that each of the 33 miners be lifted up to safety. My mind was playing with the supposed emotion-packed conversation among them as to who gets to ride the capsule-like tube first and who elected to give way. We know that in this kind of rescue operation no matter how well-planned and executed, there will be tendencies of failure. What if the tube broke down and some did not make it?

If there was someone most responsible for the orderly atmosphere down the surface, it was the shift foreman Luis Urzua who acted a worthy and calm leader of the group. He saw to it that each one maintained a calm demeanor amidst their fear of not being able to make it. He had the food rationed to them equally divided and budgeted among them. And at the latter stage, he facilitated the order of who gets to safety first down to himself as the last one to emerge from the pit. This is a true leader exemplified befitting a hero.

The world also has only praises for Chilean president Sebastian Pinera, for braving day and night to stand side by side with  family members of the trapped miners, until their moment of freedom from beneath the earth. At the onset, he never entertained the thought of abandoning any rescue effort despite the almost-impossible scenario given the odds and the costs. His administration did not hesitate to enlist the help of experts and most-advanced technologies available to lead the unprecedented, most expensive and most daring rescue operation yet in the history of his country. That only shows how much this president values each citizen of his country. He lacks no precision in his decision-making knowing that the world watches him.

From this deed of greatness exhibited before the whole world, I hope some people out there learned a lesson or at least drew inspiration to do the same degree of concern and excellence in decision-making. The overused, stale and empty mantra of others that "if others can why can't we" became almost instantaneously irrelevant after that stupid decision-making in Luneta that made us the laughing stock of the world. The moment was his platform and the world was his audience. He could have grabbed the moment and shone brightly. It's just that, when you are inherently incompetent and sloth, it will manifest one way or the other. He would not be contented just yet. The real culprits and nemeses of truth  according to IIRC report were to be exonerated later because of their personal friendship with this colossal moron, thus undermining and disrespecting the effort by the panel.

If Chilean people are the most popular race in the world today, where do we find our niche as a people? How I wish we can partake their glory even for a moment. This day rightfully belongs to them and they should get the  monopoly of the spotlight for good reason, the same that we once took three months preceding for the bad. Good luck and best wishes to the miners and their families for a victory of human spirit! You must be very proud of your country and your president.
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