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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Carlos Celdran's Brush With Damasos

"Do these modern Sadducees have  the biles to call for people to violate the dignity of the country at the behest of their own hypocrisies?"

Does anyone remember the character of Padre Damaso in Noli Mi Tangere? He is the powerful friar who wields his power and could get anything what he wants as portrayed in the novel by Dr. Jose Rizal. Today, his character is resurrected as the slogan used by artist, celebrity and tour guide Carlos Celdran in his desperate attempt to get Filipinos to think and realize how much heck of a meddler the Catholic Church is in the affairs of the state. This church's so-called pro-life stance  is the most illogical and dumbest rationale it perpetually maintains that has ultimately caused millions of lives mired in absolute poverty.

Carlos Celdran as of posting time still honeymoons with an entirely strange experience in a stinking jail cell in a Manila Police Station. He was apprehended by  police for interrupting in the middle of a homily at the Manila Cathedral. Quoting witnesses, Celdran held up a placard in the middle of the mass that  has the name "DAMASO" written on it. In his cell, the guy offers his apologies for the method used in interrupting  a mass but no apologies for the message he wanted to convey. Celdran's feat of the day signals only a prelude to  more daring and conscientious peaceful 'civil disobedience' in the coming days. With his Facebook account bombarded with support from thousands of Filipinos, it is not an impossibility that the Catholic Hypocritical Church is on the verge of real battle with their disbelievers.

The recent trip of President Noynoy Aquino to the US paved the chance for US State Secretary Hillary Clinton to personally admonish PNoy to give his countrymen a chance to get out of the abysmal poverty because she believes we are a nation of smart and hardworking people yet poverty hinders us from moving forward because of lack of opportunities and the reason is our ballooning population. And I commend the administration of PNoy for its unrelenting stand on pro-choice as far as family planning is concerned.

With all the decays inside the Catholic hierarchy and its irrational meddling with state affairs, I don't think they still have the moral ascendancy to even suggest a possibility of civil disobedience. Their blood shooting up at PNoy's so-called 'immoral' and 'disobedient' conduct for supporting pro-choice approach.  Do these modern Sadducees have  the biles to call for people to violate the dignity of the country at the behest of their own hypocrisies? Oh yes, they are trying very hard to divert the issues of pedophile priests that hound their ranks. And what about excommunicating the sitting Philippine president because of his support for responsible parenthood? Is this not a glaring manifestation of an evil lurking in the linings of their robes? When did they realize they own the key to the gates of heavens?

It is without doubt that the number one reason why the Philippines is a very poor country is because of its enormous population. How many statistics, reports, documentaries and surveys could substantiate that  poor families who have multiple children do not actually want to have many children? And what has the government been doing all along to curtail population growth? Nothing! How many times will I howl on this site that our past governments that were effectively castrated by the Catholic church have become complicit to the aggravating woes of its citizens? It's quite encouraging though, that this present administration  sensing the urgency of turning the table against the Catholic's pro-life stance, seems unperturbed in its own belief that the interest of the citizens at large reigns supreme against the whims of a handful of spiritual hypocrites.

That wouldn't be much of a surprise if in the coming days, the CBCP announces that PNoy has been excommunicated from the Catholic church. If  PNoy only realizes that he will be extolled by the whole world if he gets excommunicated from the sinister and manipulative church, then it would be a source of joy for him. This is the snare that these hypocrites have been employing to scare Catholic members because they think they are losing their chances of salvation if they get disconnected from this religion. Wake up Catholics! You have been misled by this mammoth evil for centuries. Search for the truth and you will be freed from the bondage of liars and hypocrites.

I am writing this post in support for the cause that Carlos Celdran has been bannering all his conscious lifetime. This is also in support for the Aquino administration for its brave stand in heeding the call for responsible parenthood to be the best way forward, and nothing else. The Reproductive Health Bill should be given another chance in Congress. Now na!


Pepe Cabrera said...

I support Carlos Celdran and the Reproductive Health Bill!

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