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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Losing The Zeal

"Frankly, the fire burning abruptly died out. Or the wit and vocabulary fizzled out -- fast? I don't know exactly."

Hello !Soy Negrense! Many have entertained the thoughts that you are so dead in the water, by now. "What has happened to you? Where has the passion gone? Is that a fad doomed to die soon?" My blogger friend teased me with a bite of sarcasm. "Or maybe you are tired of your plagiarism that you don't get anymore pleasure from what you're doing!" "What? Are you serious?"  It was a bold challenge intended to drag me out of my hibernation, yet pretty annoying. Oh my God, someone is accusing me of plagiarism just because I told him I cannot write anymore. He couldn't believe I could write provoking essays in the past but now I'm completely gone.

I don't know what is happening to me. I am so lazy and demotivated. I think I am not even capable of constructing a simple sentence. Even on Facebook, I cannot even make sensible comments on friends' posts. The best I could do to let them know I still exist is to Like their posts. I lost it already. The past weeks I didn't even bother to open this site whether it still exist or has already completely disappeared (on its own).

Why am i here then? As of typing time, I am watching the Djokovic - Hanescu match at Roland Garros. From the outset, I think it is completely one-sided. The hammering is pretty obvious. Quite boring. And so I wandered to this site, praying and hoping I could write anything. Now I'm getting to the third paragraph ( ha ha)!

Frankly, the fire burning abruptly died out. Or the wit and vocabulary fizzled out -- fast? I don't know exactly. It was spontaneous after Philippine elections. Even the arrogance of Willie Revillame which could have instantly merited flogging from this site didn't help ignite my fire either. It's like I'm feeling numb, so lazy and bored. I hope this is not my last post. I am still trying to revive  my usual zest for writing. Just as anyone experiences low points in their lives so am I.


The Pope said...

You'll get over it my friend, I was on that same stage before, some called it writers' block, others say it's a blogger's burnout. It's really an annoying feeling; whatever it is - surely it is not a death sentence for real bloggers like you. You just need to take some break, re-focus and create new goals and in no time your blogging energy will be at its highest level once again.

Anonymous said...

Blame it on FB! Blame it on the rising cost of bilihin! Or blame it on the oven-hot weather outside! Hehe.

I, too, am in a same condition as you are.

Siguro nangailangan ka lang ng vacay from blogging (just like our employment's annual vacation).

Hala sige, balik na ulit sa pagsusulat. Kailangan mo lang siguro ng drive. How about writing for the Kablogs Journal? How's that for a drive? Hehehe.

Balik ka na, Nelson. Namimiss ko na ang mga posts mo.

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